My Goal

My goal is simple…promote nudism, write about nudism, share our stories, the changes we’ve made, the better people we’ve become, and how we can incorporate nudism into our everyday lives.  We should not be looked at by society as some fetish crowd looking for a thrill, but as normal people choosing to live a life that gives us a fulfillment that no on else can achieve.  I don’t promote pornography, but I do promote sexual health for men, women, and couples. If you’re looking for pornographic material, then please keep going because you won’t find it here. Let’s live a full, nude, and healthy life! Most of all I want to NORMALIZE NATURISM AND NUDITY.

My Story

Hello, my name is Alexis. A bit about me…I grew up living in in the Bible belt with deep roots in Christianity, and a belief that we are called to do work by a higher power.  To say the least, my journey into nudism has been more of a “secret life” than an open advocacy of promoting nudism and living a free, naked life.  To this day I still do not want to bring bad thoughts to my family, so I have taken to the web to advocate and promote this lifestyle I have chosen.  I have no doubt my family would still love and accept me…I mean, isn’t that what family is for??  I’m hoping that my open advocacy on the web through blogging will give me the confidence I need to finally open up about my life and who I am.  Who knows, maybe there’s more of you like me out there and we can all build our confidence.

A bit of an update since I wrote this over two years ago. Over the course of 2020 and 2021 we have all succumb to the global disaster we know as COVID-19, and during this time I have been able to explore my nudist side with much more freedom. I have written about this in my blog posts, but after COVID hit I needed a way to release myself from being at home all the time with my family. It’s not that I don’t love them, but with me being as introverted as I am it was just too much having no decompression time between work and home. It was nonstop. As a result, I would go to bed early and I started sleeping naked again to give myself the body and mind freedom I needed. Then, I would wake up early in the mornings I would not put on any clothes as I let the dog out, made coffee, and started my work day in my home office. It was great to spend about 4-5 hours of my day in the buff just working. The kids and hubs (teacher, ex now) did not need to get up for school because everything was done at home without a schedule really. Basically, it was a fire drill for the school system and they failed. Thankfully, I was able to benefit from this disaster.

Over the course of the next few months, things started to go south for us. There were signs of lies and deceit, shady behaviors, and finger pointing going on. Not too much longer he moved out to stay with his mom. I was blamed for stress, anxiety, and a host of other issues. What it came down to was I had called out the lies and behavior, and the stress of hiding stuff was too much. So, he ran to get away. Honestly, this was fine with me because I knew for a number of years this was going to happen, and if he didn’t leave I was going to. From August 2020 to February 2021 we continued this arrangement. We agreed to split the kids time 50/50, where I got them four days and he got them four days. We just rotated. During this time I really began to embrace my nudist self. After dropping the kids off I would go to the grocery store and do all of my errands while I was dressed. After I come home the clothes were shed and I did not put them back on unless I needed check the mail, take out trash, or so anything else that absolutely required clothes. I missed my kiddos, but this clothes free time renewed my soul and desire for life. It was so refreshing and uplifting. I have never been happier in my life. To this day we still continue this arrangement, except in February 2021 we each moved into semi-permanent living. We now have our own space.

I have become so accustomed to living naked at least 50% of the time that I will never go back to a non-nudist lifestyle. Because my kids were not raised at nudist I don’t force my decision on them, and I will wear clothes (except sleeping) when they are with me. The rest of the time I am 100% naked. I can’t express enough how much happier this makes me.

During this time I have started making more friends locally, and even some online that I found on non-nudist websites, forums, etc. Whenever I met someone new I would make it a point to say something about my clothes free life. I would specifically say that I am a nudist, but I would make it a point to say that I generally live my life naked and proud. Some may say it’s a mid-life crisis, but I would argue because this has always been my mindset. I just haven’t been able to express myself so freely so much. While I don’t scream my clothes free life in the middle of a family get together, I have made progress to ensure my new and old friends understand my choice. I even go as far as advocating for them and I have a girlfriend who said she would go to a nude destination with me. This my friends is the progress I dreamed of making.

Shed your clothes and choose the clothes free life. You’ll never look back once you do.

With naked love,