Donations and Expenses

Recently, I put up a couple of donation options on the sidebar of my blog. The reason I have done this is to humbly ask for your help with some of the expenses I incur while trying to run my blog. Over the course of the year, I have had to upgrade my server due to traffic being more than a shared host can provide. I kept getting emails saying Sensual Nudist was taking up so many resources that other sites were being affected. This caused mine to be throttled and shut down on a few occasions. I figured if the trend were continue then I would need better services anyway. As a result, I migrated my website to a stand alone server where I was allowed a lot more power, and I could upgrade easily when the time came. I’ve had to upgrade once since switching, so now I’m on a mid tier virtual private server (VPS). Needless to say this has not come without added cost, but in an attempt to keep the cost down I am required to do everything…everything! It’s more time consuming but it gives me something to do and learn.

I wanted to be transparent about the amount of money I am getting versus the amount that I need for my expenses. I don’t want anyone to think I am taking in money, and it not going to what it’s supposed to be. Below is a table showing what I need/want compared to what I get.

Website Expenses:

Hosting$9512 Months
Backup$4012 Months
Email$5012 Months
Domain$1312 Months
SSL Certificate$1012 Months
Totals$208Per Year


MacBook Pro ($2799)$233.2512 Months
Totals$2799For one year



Thank you to everyone who has donated something to help me out. I will continue to write regardless of any donation amount, so I won’t be going away any time soon. When ever I receive a new donation or my expense changes, I will update the tables accordingly.

Much love and appreciation,


Last updated: 7/27/2021

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