Embracing Self Love

I try to do my best to explore nudity and naturism many different ways, and through my blog I try to share how it makes me feel, the changes I see for myself, and how I can encourage you explore this lifestyle choice as often as you can. A number of you have lived naked most of your lives, and I’m so thankful you are able to. I’m always excited when I get feedback from you saying you’ve been inspired or you’re feeling better about yourself, your sexuality, and your naked body. It helps drive me to write more and help anyway I can. I want to share a story with you that brings me happiness and joy.

This post is a bit of a special one for me to write because it impacts someone I’m really close to, and probably my longest friend. The interesting part about it is that we’ve never met in person, but have talked pretty much daily for over ten years. We met on the fitness website MyFitnessPal way back when it was two guys in an apartment before Under Armour bought out the brand. Although she ten years younger than me, we have a lot in common, we share similar desires, the same drive for success, our kids are about the same age, and her sister has the same name as my youngest daughter. Not a common name. So let’s get started with telling her story.

Meet Kylee

Kylee is a beautiful 30 year old woman who has always been confident with her body and her sexuality. I’ve often been envious but very proud of her over the years. She grew up in a fairly conservative home with parents who have a complete opposite viewpoint on many things in life. Personally, based on what she has told me over the years, they seem to be a bit cold and harsh on somethings.

While in high school (16 years old) Kylee became pregnant with her daughter, and her mom and step dad basically told her she’s on her own. She’ll “either have to drop out of school or figure our a way to finish and have a baby”. As a teen mother this must have been very devastating, scary, and a sense of loss and without love. Many say tough love is the right choice for helping teach people about life lessons, but I would argue this in many scenarios, especially a new, young mother. Being the strong woman she is, she grabbed the bull by the horns, chose to drop out of school and go to work so she could take care and support her newborn baby.

Unfortunately, things did not work out between Kylee and the father of the baby, but she carried on and eventually met her husband. They have been together for over ten years now and have a son together as well. Over the course of their marriage, Kylee has worked tirelessly to improve herself and the life of her family. From the very beginning she has had the entrepreneur spirit and always looking for that gig. Personally, I think it’s build up her Victoria Secret’s and Pink yoga pant collection, but we won’t tell her that. 🙂

Also, while she was working a few different side gigs, Kylee studied endlessly to prepare to obtain her GED. After passing her GED with flying colors, she enrolled in college to improve her chances at finding that success and to feed her desire for more knowledge. Needless to say that didn’t come without some struggles as well. Why is it that good people always seem to be tested the most? During the middle of it Kylee ended up being hospitalized, and it took her a while to recover before she was able to go back and complete her Associates degree.

Unrelenting Drive for Success

Kylee undressing

I would bet most of you reading this have had that drive for success at some point in your personal and/or professional life. I know a number of you are accomplished professionals, while some are the CEO’s of your households…I’m sure a few of you are all of the above. Kylee reminds me of all of these. She has been determined to not give up and to continue pushing herself to find that niche she’s been looking for, and after all of these years I think she may have found a small taste of that success. She does this while taking care of her family and helping her brother get back on his feet.

A couple of months ago Kylee discovered an opportunity to sell her brand, if you will, and show the world what it means to beautiful and confident, while embarking on that journey to embrace her sexuality and innermost desires. Kylee is seeking to show that women are allowed to naked, sexual creatures who own their desires, and seek to explore them no matter what a man or society tells her. To accomplish this endeavor, she has made an OnlyFans page to show the world what it’s like to embrace your womanhood.

Kylee has designed her OnlyFans page to portray the artistic side of a woman’s nudity and sexuality, but without being pornographic in nature. She is accomplishing what I have long desired to do myself, but she does so without words and with a passion I can only dream of. In the short time she has been online, she has managed to achieve the top 18% of all content creators on OnlyFans, and she has done so without any explicit sexual material at all. It’s quite impressive what she has done in such a short period of time.

A sample of her images are shown exclusively on this page and only for my readers. I would encourage you to visit her page to see her entire collection so far, and as gift to my readers she has opened up a half off special right now where you can subscribe for $5. This will give you access to all of her content and her frequent updates. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to see some of the items I sent her from her wish list. 😉

Kylee, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share your story, and bring attention to the beautiful art of everyday women proving there is no bounds what you can do or dream. I encourage you to keep to going and never give up on your entrepreneurial dream, and show women to own their nakedness and sexuality.

With much love,


2 thoughts on “Embracing Self Love

  • A beautiful story about a very strong woman. I recognize your question about why good people often have to struggle. Maybe they have to find their own strengths first and maybe they have to love their self more. Only then life is not able to bully them so much? Interesting subject to think about. Nice of you to share her story. It must be inspiring for more people, who struggle too.

    • Hello Roel. Yes, she has an amazing story to tell, and there are other struggles she has had, but we weren’t comfortable sharing them on this platform. Some things are better left private. 🙂 It is true that life is the greatest teacher, and I know everyone has their struggles, but it’s really inspiring to see and hear about the success stories out there. It helps provide those who are struggling with a beacon of light, and to understand they are not alone in this. No one has the same story to tell, but you will find someone who has a similar story. Sometimes all it takes is opening up a bit.

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