I Think I have An Addiction

Thankfully, it’s not a drug, alcohol, or illegal substance which I’m addicted to, but an addiction to being naked and to other nudists. I noticed myself wondering off in thought yesterday while pushing my daughter on the swing. It’s a typical cool February afternoon in the south with lifeless deciduous trees all around me. I can see our neighborhood street entrance and the main highway leading up to it. Living in suburbia I have people all around me. I have one of the larger lots in the neighborhood at just under an acre. A good size lot compared to the majority who have like 0.20-0.25 of an acre! Although an acre is not nearly big enough for my personal liking, 0.25 acre is way too small for me. I mean, it’s barely big enough for the house. 

Anyway, as I was pushing my daughter and taking note of my surroundings, I began dreaming about pushing the swing naked right between my house and a neighbor. It was both exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. On one hand I found my happy place, but on the other I was slapped with a fat rejection. Mixed feelings to say the least. Sadly, there was nothing I could really do about it at the time. I have a few neighbors that would probably be “hell yeah, go for it, but the majority would be like “WTF? There are kids around!” I could just see that going a whole mess of wrong ways. So, in the meantime I just pondered on it for a while. 

Today, I’ve began to wonder what had brought on this feeling of addiction like I can’t get enough, or that I’m having deep withdrawals like some cracked out junkie. While pondering this I was doing a lot of updates and work to the new site server. I was adding new gallery pages, adding text to information pages, and working on various page layouts. I realized this site had become my passion, my way out of reality to identify who I really am. It has become my obsession. I have so much love for nudism and the community that stands for it, and I genuinely want to do my part to help teach, grow, and expand the culture and community. I’ve noticed every time I sit still that I’m getting my phone out to work or wrote something. I made a trip to Dicks Sporting Goods today, and every time I stopped for any reason I was writing the few sentences going though my mind. I never realized how much this meant to me. 

I find it kind of funny that I’ve been working on a nudist site for many years, but have never really had a deep passion for it. Mostly, it was a short blog post littered with a bunch of naked people in photos. Never really took off or gained much traction other than a few lurkers. I never put much work or thought into it, but just wanted my place on the internet. The original site was nudistforlove.com, and I don’t even know where the name come from except a zipping thought through my head. I was just like, “hey, let’s start a nudist site/blog”. I had no idea what I was doing, where it was going, or what I’d do in the future. Eventually, I just let the domain expire. 

A few months later I felt an emptiness in my life. I still had my twitter account that I would post and retweet’s things too. It was fine but limited in what I could write, and the more followers I gathered, the more creeps and weirdos appeared. It finally reached the point where I couldn’t police it. I was getting hundreds of new followers a day. I was just WTF? How can I even keep this going. Now at nearly 100K followers it has surpassed my logical control and my expectations. 

To find my place and fill that void again I put a little more thought into what I wanted. I wanted a place on the internet where I could be myself and build a real nudist community and following of like minded folks. I wanted an actual website and not just a blog to post images, but a blog to actually write on and a website full of information about nudist, health, sexual health, and to discuss the items sometimes seen as taboo, but very much a part of human life. I wanted a safe place where all things could be put on the table without any fear of judgment. Most importantly, I wanted to give everyone a fair chance that you may not find elsewhere. I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, trans, gay, lesbian, old, young, fat, thin, disabled, Christian, Atheist, Democrat, republican, poor, rich, any race or ethnicity, or any other society label for which you may be judged. 

Just to be clear. Here, you will not be judged for anything regardless of what it is. I’m looking for this to be a thriving site and community where anyone can feel welcomed. Clothed or not. My goal is to be all inclusive and bring everyone to the Nude Side. My commitment to you is to work tirelessly to bring you the best place on the web for nudist resources, and to help build relationships with other like minded folks. The only caveat is I will need your help to make that happen. I need your input, feedback, submissions, blog writing, and maybe even some site admin for a few trusted souls. 

I have found my passion. I have defined my goal. I have admitted my addiction. I have found…YOU!! 


One thought on “I Think I have An Addiction

  • This is a very common “problem” among nudists.
    Nudism is addictive, the more you go naked and the more you want to undress, the more you undress and the less you want to dress.
    The only solution is to live naked. I can hardly stand the clothes on the body anymore. Clothes bother me. Unfortunately, after 5 years of nudism I am completely addicted, and this is the only disadvantage of becoming a nudist.

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