I went to a nudist sex resort and here’s what happened

I came across this catchy title from an article a couple of days ago, and I wanted to give my input on it. I hadn’t planned on doing a post while going through my Naturist Privacy series, but this article brings about a perception that I feel warranted some kind of rebuttal. I feel it is important to combat such negative conotations when it comes to the nudist/naturist lifestyle. I know we seem to have a continuously tiresome job at trying to spread the word about how practicing nudism is in no way indicative to sex or implying sex is imminent.

Hedonism: Source: internet search

Hedonism II

Before I start this post, I just want to say that I am not judging anyone who does or has attended Hedonism. Hey, I may go one day. My beef is with the author of the article by throwing the words “nudist sex resort” around. Yes, Hedonism is a clothing-optional resort, but it’s an adults only resort too.

I slip off my sundress and get in, gingerly making my way through the throngs of naked flesh until I reach the swim up bar. To my left there’s a couple having sex on the edge of the pool.

“There’s a couple having sex on the edge of the pool.” I’ve only been to one nudist resort so far, but have read about many others from nudist travel blogs, and I have not found any evidence anywhere that leads me to believe there is sex by the pool, or anywhere in open grounds, at genuine nudist resorts. So if you are reading this expecting to ‘hook-up’ at a nudist resort, then please don’t bother showing up. You will be quickly escorted away.

…a gorgeous woman acrobatically writhing in a kiddie pool while her equally buff male partner pours (what looks like) melted vanilla soft serve all over her.

Admittedly, this does sound like a lot of fun. I have been to Las Vegas shows where erotica is the main theme, and you have naked (at least half naked) performers moving through the audience and performing comedic stunts like dancing or bending over in front of you. Sometimes you get a few winks from different body parts. Do I enjoy it? Yes. It’s very entertaining and can be arousing for a couple to experience, but the key difference is it’s NOT a nudist setting or promoting nudist values, but more of a naked erotica aimed at stimulating the lust within people.

Hedonism, the pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence, is defined as a “theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.”

Who doesn’t find that alluring? A week of regretless, shameless sin on the beaches of Jamaica, and saturated in sweet rum. Let’s book our flights now! When going to a nudist resort to partake in social nudism you don’t go there to gawk and be entertained by naked people flaunting seductive scenes or poses. You visit a nudist resort so you have a safe place to be naked with like minded individuals, couples, and families. It’s not about seeking what visual pleasures there are, but about reconnecting with your body in a natural state without fear of judgement. Although you see naked people and they see you, no one will be letting their eyes wonder in lust, and you will find no one makes better eye contact than a nudist. They seek and respect you for you, and not what body has to offer.

Like I said, I’m not judging anyone who has gone, is going, or enjoys this lifestyle fulltime. Just like I don’t want to be judged because I’m sitting here naked on an early morning, drinking my coffee, and wrting blog posts. I see Hedonism as a clothing-optional swinger resort. At the very least an exhibitionist and voyeurs dreamland. Personally, I think it is great people have a way to be themselves, and express their identity without fear of reprisal from anyone. The only issue I have with is the amalgamation of clothing-optional, nudist, and sex resort all in one sentence to feed into the clickbait obsession people have with nudity inherently equals sex. It doesn’t.

If you are looking to be bathed in naked bodies performing exhibitionist acts throughout the resort, then I encourage you to give it a try. You are not required to participate in anything you don’t want. My only ask of you is to not give the association of nudist/naturist with sex resort because it feeds into the misconception of what real nudism is, and it gives the media and the public a negative association for us.

One final note. The author of the article talked about an older couple she met who had been attending there for over 15 years. The thing that keeps bringing them back is the people. There is really no price you can put on a lifelong friendship with someone or another couple. It’s what brings support in your life whenever a crisis arises. No matter where you find that kind of friendship, you need to hold onto it. If you’re a nudist but find a deep friendship at Hedonism, then I think it was well worth your trip and money.

Get Naked. Live Naked.


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16 thoughts on “I went to a nudist sex resort and here’s what happened

  • This was a great read, Alexis! I am a big fan of living my life in the buff, and thankfully, we have the privacy on our property to be able to do so. While I am nude at home a good majority of the time, I am not sure if I would ever attend a resort like Hedonism or not… I’m not sure I would be brave enough to! Though, it is a pretty cool bucket list idea 🙂

    • Hey Nora! Thank you sooo much. I’m glad you liked it. My hope and dream is to one day own a bit of land that will allow me the same liberties as you, but until I am able to get out of suburbia I will have to keep it indoors or venture to a secluded area. I think a place like Hedonism would take me digging deep into courage well to actually overcome the fears and anxiety. I cannot see myself engaging or even lingering around people engaging in public sex, but the allure of having a place to totally let go is enticing. Sometimes life can be just too much. I think I would be like that journalist and just go there to investigate a story to write about, dictate what I saw and experienced, and provide a view from a pure naturist point of view. Until that time comes I will remain here in the States, and try to look at some of the places mentioned by Dan in his Meandering Naturist blog.

  • I love this post. I’ve been interested in going to Hedonism, but not sure what I’d tell friends/family about where I’m at!! Your blog has inspired me to actively seek out more ways to spend time nude…. I’m laying in my bed now typing this to you in such a state of nakedness. And happy! (And Sir seems happy too! 😉)

    • What you do is your choice. No one has to know. Keep it between the two of you. I’m so happy I have inspired you to be naked more. I thrive on the opportunity. I’m much happier when I am. I’m super happy that you both get to enjoy it. 😈

      • Alexis – I agree what I do is my choice, but I guess I was meaning that if we left town, we would ultimately tell people where we are (for emergencies if nothing else).

        I slept nude last night for the first time in a very long time (since having a kid!), and David seemed to like it and was a bit disappointed to see me put clothes on this morning. So maybe more nude times/days are ahead! 🙃

        • Marie,
          I’m very proud of you for sleeping naked for the first time in a long time. It’s feedback like this gives me the drive to keep my blog updated and engage in my readers. I know a lot of people have concerns with nudity and children, and I completely understand that. Personally, I don’t exercise full time nudity in my house either, but I don’t shy away if seen. I’ve read and gotten feedback from many couples that only one of them may be a full time nudist, but the other doesn’t feel quite comfortable doing it all the time. Some will only have nakations at various nudist venues, but won’t do it at home or socially anywhere else. You just have to figure out what works best for you. If he’s agreeable, then maybe you can have certain times to yourself to be naked, to recharge, and to reclaim you womanhood. Who knows, he may join you a well. Also, anytime the little one is away at friends, grandparents, or somewhere else, then you (or both) can maybe plan to shed the clothes. I take every chance I get without reservation. 🙂 I’m anxious to hear more about this new and exciting endeavor your going on!

  • I feel like your blog posts are always so enlightening. I’ve never been to a nudist resort and I doubt I ever will, but only because I’m always so cold! Lol… Even in the summer when everyone else is roasting in 100 degree weather, I’m happy as can be in black leggings and a long sleeve shirt! Lol… But the lifestyle does fascinate me, and I guess you just never know if you’ll enjoy something unless you try it for yourself.

    • You are too kind. I usually just splatter words on the screen and hope it works. I went to my first one about ten years ago when I took a business trip to Orlando. We had the afternoon off on a Wednesday, and I just went. I called around and found a small, inviting, and private club. It was just big enough for me to not feel uncomfortable. Although it was Orlando, it was a bit cool since it was October. The pool was freezing. I’d encourage anyone to try it. You just need one that has a hot tub. Lol.

        • Florida is known as naturist country. It has the most naturist clubs/resorts than anywhere else in the country. Most of them are between Orlando and Tampa. I went alone just because I didn’t have anyone to go with me. If you have a good friend or even you husband, if they are open to it. I didn’t tell a soul and just went. lol. I don’t know if you do it at home or not, but that is always a good place to start. It helps you get ‘used’ to the nakedness. I haven’t done this yet, but I would like to go on a hike to a secluded areas so I can take my clothes off and meditate some. It would be a good time to just focus on what I want to write.

          • Hmmm… I never knew that. I grew up on the west coast and there were often naked people on the beaches who were meditating. But back then it seemed odd and because I was little, I really had no idea what they were doing. Some would practice tai chi out on the rocks that were out a little way from the shore. I think it would be beautiful to watch now, but I was too busy giggling to myself back then. Lol

          • I bet it would be beautiful to watch. Waves crashing on the rocks while someone meditates. I could see a good inspiration for a poem with that setting. 😁 I still giggle sometimes, so you’re not alone. 😂

          • Might have to do a couple different poems in order to incorporate the seriousness of the solitude and the silliness of the sandy situation. 😁

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