I went to a nudist sex resort and here’s what happened

This is a re-post from a few months ago before I had a server crash and I lost some of my data. I had planned on just letting this article go, but the search engine crawlers must still have it available because I am still getting a lot of traffic requests looking for this. So I am going to redo it with the same attitude as I did the first time. However, I don’t think it is quite as lengthy as the original. Hopefully, I will be able to educate some in the differences between nudist, swingers, and the inappropriate use of “nudist sex resort”. Complete oxymoron for the…well…I’ll hush there. This post is in response to the article I read from the Toronto Sun a few months back with the same title as this post.

What are Nudist Sex Resorts?

The term “nudist sex resort” is probably the dumbest thing anyone can say when making a reference to the nudist community. To put it simply they just don’t exist. The “nudist” sex resort referenced in this article is Hedonism II in Jamaica. While this resort is a clothing optional resort, it is by no means a genuine nudist resort. Simply put it’s more of a swinger resort. If you were to take the time and research out genuine, landed clubs that follow the guidelines of family naturist/nudist resorts, then you will quickly learn there is ZERO tolerance for any overt or public sexual activity. Even if you make someone uncomfortable by your mannerisms you can be reprimanded or escorted off the grounds.

So what exactly is Hedonism II? Well, it’s a clothing optional resort along a small portion of the Negril beach on the island of Jamaica. There is no doubt Hedonism is place where you will have the time of your life, if that is something you’re looking for. According to the author of the article, she swam up to the bar in the pool to order a drink, and to her left she saw a couple having sex in or along the edge of the pool. At a place like this no one will ever bat an eye or say a word to you for these acts. I’ve never been to Hedonism, so I can’t say what the resort will or won’t allow, but I’m sure there are few limitations. While researching this resort a bit, it’s main slogan is “Pursue Pleasure”, and I’ve seen some say “be bad/evil for a week”.

While reading and researching on Hedonism, I discovered a lot of people visit the resort because it is clothing optional, they have made lifelong friends there, and they are not bothered by what goes on there. Are there wild orgies going on all over the place? I have no idea. I would hope not because I very well could visit that beach/resort sometime in the future, and I don’t particularly want to be involved with something like that. I would just want to go because it’s on the island of Jamaica and it is clothing optional, but not partake in the sexual festivities some find appealing. Maybe I’m just naive in thinking I could go there just to be naked in Jamaica with no one bothering me. Most likely I would be approached if alone. Better find some burly bodyguard. 🙂

What are Nudist Resorts?

Nudist resorts have some similarities as Hedonism where most are clothing optional (except for pool areas), they have places to stay, restaurants, activities, and it’s all done on private property. The distinct difference is what is and is not allowed, the values and morals, affiliations, and a membership base. One thing you will NEVER see at a genuine nudist resort is overt or public sexual acts. Like I mentioned above, this type of behavior will NOT be tolerated by anyone there. Can you have sex? Yes, within the confines of you living quarters where it’s private and behind closed doors.

The primary goal of a genuine nudist resort is to make it family friendly. Meaning it somewhere you can take your children to and you don’t need to worry about them being preyed on or your four year old seeing people having sex. Nudist resorts promote healthy values, friendships, and a place for people to feel safe being naked. Although I’m sure it happens on occasion with ignorant visitors, generally you won’t find anyone gawking at you, and if you do they are quickly reprimanded for their actions. Resorts want to bring people in, not scare them off with an unsafe environment.

Personally, I would go to any landed nudist resort/club or any club that promotes clean, family nudist values without the fear of being preyed upon just because I am naked. I can have just as much fun laying by the pool, taking nature walks, or sipping umbrella drinks by the cantina. Being very introverted I would enjoy my own company and thoughts as long as I can do it sans clothes.


So here is what gets my proverbial panties in a wad. I don’t like the term or phrase “sex resort” being thrown around synonymously with the word nudist. This brings many negative connotations to those who don’t fully understand the lifestyle of a nudist, and it leads people to believe that all nudist are sex hungry deviants. Do I like sex? Yes, I love sex, but with the right person and in the privacy of my own home. It’s not anyone else’s business what I do or don’t do in my bedroom. Are some nudist swingers? I’m certain there are, but that doesn’t mean all nudist are swingers or all swingers are nudists. This equates to saying all blondes are dumb or any other superlative stereotype which includes everyone within a demographic. If I tell someone I am a nudist I don’t want them to look at me like some kind of weirdo or ho looking for constant sexual thrill from anyone I can find.


If you are a reader who does enjoy the comfort of your own skin, and you do find excitement in participating in swinger activities, then by means please do. It’s your choice with what you do with your body and your life adventures. No one is judging you and I encourage you to seek out what brings you joy in your life. What I would like to request from you (and I’m sure many nudist would) is that you don’t combine the terms “nudist” and “sex resort”. This can be confusing to people who may want to seek out this kind of lifestyle, but they don’t want a swinger or sex lifestyle that is often associated with the term nudist. I don’t really know what terms would be good to go with “sex resort”. Even clothing-optional is used within the nudist community, but it does make the most sense given you have the option to not wear clothes while there. It’s a very grayed and blurry line to discern the difference, especially to someone who doesn’t fully understand what a nudist or swinger is. If you’re reading this and you’re trying to figure out if you want to be called a nudist, then worry not because a nudist and a swinger are two totally different lifestyles with totally different meanings and values. If you enjoy being naked alone or with friends with not sexual acts or inferences, then you can safely call yourself a nudist. However, if you are seeking out naked people because you want to act on sexual desires and pleasures, then you cannot call yourself a nudist. Out of respect for those of us who choose this lifestyle, then please don’t commingle the terms.

Embrace your nakedness.


2 thoughts on “I went to a nudist sex resort and here’s what happened

  • This post is gold, should be posted periodically in various forums. There are so many misinterpretations of being a nudist or a naturist. From my point of view, I would say that most of the misunderstandings come from the sensational press’ articles from beaches where we sunbathe and swim naked. Without mentioning anything about the lifestyle, the origin of which is “back to nature”. Thanks for the very good post.

    • Thank you for your kind words. It’s frustrating when the media misrepresents something by giving the article a catchy title that’s sure to get clicks. It would be nice if major news outlets actually tried to research and write a meaningful article about nudism. Sadly, most of them will use the “sex sells” approach to get traffic to the site. Admittedly, it is a catchy title because it’s one of my most clicked articles. I hate it is like that.

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