Although I’m not quite finished getting everything together, I’m close enough that I can take some time to blog a bit. I used to have an acupuncturist that was very free spirited and secure in how she looked. We would often talk about the things we have done naked. I actually got to a point where I felt comfortable sending her pictures of my naked hikes on the Appalachian trail. She shared a few naked glamour shots with me as well. She was a petite lady and well taken care of, but she was full of life and adventure. Although I’ve never done it, she is the one who got me interested in mud wrestling, and it’s something I want to try.

She would tell me stories about when she younger, and she would get in a mud pit with a bunch of hippies. They would be stark naked wrestling around and completely covered in mud. I found this very intriguing and just as stimulating. I love the feel of another person, and the thought of being put into a mud pit with other naked people drove me wild. At this point some of you are pro any having sexual fantasies about being naked with someone else in a slippery mud pit. Let’s keep our thoughts pure. 😉.

A little background. Growing up my dad would always wrestle us in the floor. It’s just what we did and I grew to love the competition and seeing how well I did against them. Of course we were clothed during this time because we were not raised as nudist. Although I was constantly busted sleeping naked. Apparently, I would flip around so much that I would come out from under the covers. 😳. Anyway, growing up wrestling have me a love of it, and that followed me into adulthood. I do it every chance I get.

While at my last employer, I worked the night shift with a mix of guys and gals. One of which I went to high school with. Almost every night without fail we would do a coed wrestling match. It didn’t matter who you wrestled or what you did, it seemed every time you would get fondled in some way. Even supervisors would get involved. It helped that almost all the supervisors were promoted from the hourly ranks, and they were basically coworker that made more money. Lol. Sometimes you would get tied up and tortured…in a friendly way and nothing mean. Other times you were helping someone get tied up. Needless to say it was the funnest job I’ve ever had. Everyone knew what went on, but no one said anything because they all came from the night shift too. It was like a right of passage.

Here I am at 40 but I’m still a child at heart who loves to be playful and have fun. It’s so fun to just throw down with someone, or a group of someone’s, and just have fun building strong relationships. It’s a quite amazing how much trust and acceptance you share with others when your private, hidden areas are somehow exposed. I was so comfortable with those coworkers that I would have loved to gather them all together in one mass naked mud wrestling match. Friends like that are hard to find. I’m overdue for a wrestling match, and I think the beat way to fulfill that need is to have a mud wrestling match.

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