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Hey lovelies!!! I know it’s been like a month since I posted something, but I wanted to let you know that I have been working on a post about various nudist social networks. I’ve recently joined some of them and I have been checking them out for my next post. I just haven’t had much time to devote to it. A lot of work deadlines and then the girls starting back to school a couple of weeks ago has pretty much taken all of my free time.

Also, I’ve been struggling a lot myself and with things in my personal life. It seems the COVID apocalypse is driving all of us bat shit crazy. I’ve had a lot of struggles at home too that seem to never end, and I’m slowly coming to the conclusion there’s only one way to fix it. It saddens me because we’ve had 20 years of marriage and 24 years together, two beautiful girls, and a lifetime of memories…both good and bad. Unfortunately, all of the things I’ve ever done wrong are constantly being brought up, used as an excuse to blame me for mental health issues, and basically saying I’m the cause for the anxiety and stress that keeps the nerve disease in constant inflammation and pain. Oh, and I was told over the weekend that I made it seem certain sexual acts, masturbation, or even certain aspects of the body were dirty. I was absolutely shocked, hurt, and bringing up 24 years of memory trying to think of one time where I made anything sex or body related dirty. I’ve always felt I was quite the opposite and encouraged sexual exploration of oneself and definitely promote body positive attitude. As much as I would love to stay, I can’t get myself better and healthy when I’m constantly being brought down too.

This is a problem I’ve been coping with for over 15 years, and more so over the past five. I’m now losing sleep and my appetite just isn’t there. Is it toxic? Possibly. I just can’t be sure yet, but I know some would argue it is. Friends are telling me I should have left years ago, but it’s difficult when you still love someone. So what path do I take now? I have no idea. I have started to get a lot of my affairs in order so I can be ready for when the day comes, or so I am not caught blind if it happens to me. I’m having some suspicions as well and I’m not going down that rabbit hole here.

Now, with all of that dirty laundry being aired out, let’s talk about going forward. I’m hoping to finish my social media post in a couple of weeks. However, I given the state of my life right now I’m not making any certain promises. I want to make sure I give a fair representation and not just a surface judgement. I mean, I have been judged about my blog before, and it was hurtful to say the least, so I’m doing my best to be thorough.

Also, I have been getting a lot of emails from readers asking me various opinions and giving me suggestion for potential blog posts from my perspective. I love hearing from you guys, and I get more excited over an email from my blog than a social media message or tag. Personally, it shows me that you have read at last one post or part of my site, and have genuinely taking an interest. I get far more Twitter crap than I do actual emails, so it’s super exciting when I do! Just to be fair, I do have a small number of you who will message me regularly on Twitter, and I enjoy those conversations a lot. Unfortunately, I have to sift through a lot more riff raff than I do with email.

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant. I know this isn’t my normal informative post, but sometimes you just need to talk to someone…even if it is the faceless crowd hiding in the wires of the internet. On that note, I have started seeing a therapist/counselor to help me get through these hard times, so I am taking care of myself. 🙂

Do not hide the beauty in nakedness, for we all have artistically perfect imperfections.


9 thoughts on “Quick update…

  • It’s good to get an update from you, but so sad to hear about all the turmoil you’re dealing with right now. Really hope things turn around for you soon. I found this quote the other day and it’s so true… “You never feel too good or too bad for too long.” ~Bettina Stahl
    Guess we all just have to roll with the punches like they say. I just hope it’s true that you don’t have to feel too bad for too long. ❤️xo

    • Hey Michelle, thank you for your kind words and support. Right now I am focused on taking care of me and the girls. My local gym was finally able to open back up, so I am in there at least four days week as soon as the doors open. The gym (or exercise in general) has always been my saving grace you could say. I think being stuck at home has caused a lot of issues with a lot of people, and I am no exception. We just have to take it one day at a time. 🙂

    • Thank you Jillian. I don’t like to vent or bring negativity around, and I don’t like anyone knowing my business. I think I had just had too much go on that I needed to let it out. I have a couple of close friends I talk to, but I felt like I owed my readers a reason why I have been dormant for a bit. I’m so ready for things to get back to normal.

  • I feel the pain you may be experiencing now. It’s surely a shitty situation, but for sure you’ll get out of it reinforced and stronger than before. We love you and are thankful for what you’ve brought to us trough this blog.
    Hugs and love. Stay safe.

    • Thank so much Ivan. This means a lot to me. It’s amazing how you can never meet people, but feel so connected and comfortable. Almost like you’ve known them for years. I love you guys, and thank you so much for your support. 💕💓

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