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  • I would love for nudism to normalized. Even if a character on a movie or TV show was a nudist that would be great (without it being the brunt of a joke or a weird person!) I struggle with wearing clothes I feel like I have to fit in societies mold or I risk jail time or being put on a sex offender list. I’m a home nudist but it’s getting warmer out and putting on clothes doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know anyone else who is like me, luckily my gf understands and accepts me for who I am. I just am tired of living with everyone else’s rules is all.

    • Hi Jason. It’s very discouraging that we are not able to live our lives as we choose. There is nothing morally wrong or sinful about being nude, but, sadly, our viewpoints have been tarnished by a few who claim to be nudist, but who are really a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Some people get naked because of some inherit thrill or erotic feeling, and they choose to act inappropriately or immorally when doing so. So rather than punish offenders, the lowers at be choose to punish everyone who “thinks and acts” like those perverts. It is not the naked body that chooses to pervert itself, but the wicked desires of man. A better, yet greatly more difficult, approach would be to correct or punish those who act perverse while nude. Similar to you I primarily get naked at home, and that is usually when no one else is home. I’m told “it’s not normal to want to be naked all the time”. Just do the best you can and enjoy your naked time when you get it.

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