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  1. I would to find other nudist in my area. people who open to social activity. There are 2 nudist resorts in my area. I have set page on Meetup called eastern washington and north Idaho naturist. I thought it would be fun to meet people in our area that are nudist. So far I haven’t been able to anyone to joinn me at Sun Meadow Nudist Resort. Maybe theres another way to attract people into joining in the fun. Could use some help.

    1. It’s very hard to find people open enough to meet total strangers at a nudist resort. I know I’m a very shy person in general, so it’s hard for me to be social, but once I know someone or a small group personally it’s much easier to open up. You may try having a public meetup somewhere that requires clothes. Maybe a public place like a park for a picnic where you can actually get to know someone before expecting a full on nudist social event. Organize one if these a few times so you can establish a relationship with nudist in your area first, then try broaching the subject about meeting up at a nudist resort. Sometimes it takes more work than what we want, but in the end I think it will pay off for you. Good luck, my friend!!

      1. Thats some sound advice. I will try have a meetup at a restaurant see if that helps. I need to go other meetups and get the word around.
        Darryl Noyer

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