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  • Hi I love to be naked all the time and love the Nudist beach,,,,would like to join on here and hopefully post some photos on here,,,,,,Cheers Matt

    • I don’t have a signup available now, but you can always send a submission via email or twitter. I’d love to post anything you want.

  • Hello, Alexis! I love reading your blog, although I am new to it. I’m considering sharing my story for you to post if you’d like. I don’t see an open spot on your contact page to send an email, and I submit have Twitter, so please share the best way for me to send it.

    • Actually, feel free to deny my comment. There was no contact box last night for me to comment, but this morning, it seems to be there. Sorry for the confusion!

    • Hi Thomas, thank you for your kind words. I would love to hear your story and post it as well. I feel it helps encourage others to embrace their naked bodies, and the more people who share their story the better. If you go to the Guest Blogging link at the top of the page you can send me an email that way.

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