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I’ve been working on a few things in the background trying to expand your nudist site. A few of you have already registered on the site… I think it’s about 20 so far. I’d like to personally thank those 20 that have been the first to to sign up. I have been working to create a kind of social platform for nudist to interact with other nudist and those interested in nudism. I’ve added groups and a function to send private messages to members. Over the weekend I introduced member and group galleries that will allow you to post pictures and/or videos. The galleries are set to just logged in members, personal galleries can be customized to private, friends, or just to logged in members. My primary goal is to create a safe place for actual nudists to build relationships and not just creepers looking for a quick thrill. Right now I have it so anyone can register for this site, but you have to be manually approved by me before you will gain access. The reason I am doing it this way is to cut down on bots, spam, creepers, and so I can send a personal email you notifying you of your activation. For those that choose to interact, it gives me an opportunity to get to know you. Now that I’ve given you an introduction, let’s walk through the steps on how to register for the site.

  • Step 2: Fill out the required information on the form
  • Step 3: I will be notified of an impending registration that I must approve
  • Step 4: Once approved, you can navigate back to my website and click the login link. This link can be found in the top left corner tool bar, or you will see it at the bottom of the page
  • Step 5: Now you will be able to see the member activity, groups, different members, and you can fill out your profile to your desire

Once you become a member of this site, you will be able to do a lot of different things and interact with other users. I have set it up so members can create their own groups on any number of topics. I have done this so users will be able to customize the members only section. However, the groups will be moderated to ensure we all have responsible adult behavior. I will not allow any pornography, solicitations, harmful behavior towards any person or animals, and absolutely no child related content at all.

I have not made a rules page just yet, but it was suggested to me by a new member this morning. I’m hoping that through the week I will be able to type up a rules page dictating what is and is not allowed, and what your expectations are as a nudist member.

I am always open to suggestions on what I should or should not be doing, I read every comment on every page, and I truly value any input that you have to make your nudist site better. I started this site as a pet project and blog, but after realizing how hard it is to find a good nudist network that is not filled all kinds of weirdness, I decided to try and make one for myself. It’s going to be a long journey because I don’t have a team of developers working for me, but I have always been a quick learner when it comes to all things tech. My biggest enemy is time. If I had no other commitments I could really make a lot of progress, but like most of you, your professional and personal commitments always take precedence.

With that being said, I am looking to the community to help things grow. I encourage you to invite trusted friends to join, be active on the groups side and start making your own groups. You can make them private, invite only, or hidden from everyone if you choose. I want you all to have a place to feel safe, free of judgement, supported, and encouraged to explore every aspect of nudism whether you’re doing it privately because no one understands you, or whether you publicly don’t care and want to help others be comfortable with it. I’m doing this because it’s what I would look for in a nudist community.

I’m really looking forward to what you, my friends, will help me create!! will always be community driven by you, for you, and for those we have yet to find.

Keep Calm and Nude On.

Your Naked Friend,


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      1. I checked it out and it appears a setting was put in wrong making the new social app the default gallery , and it has the same web address as the ones I built. Basically overwriting them. It’s easier for me to go in and rebuild the galleries under the new tool than to redo the social application. I didn’t much like how the other ones were setup anyway. Made it a harder to create a single web page for each one. Again, that time thing I don’t have. 🙂 Thanks again for letting me know.

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