Two More Months

A few days ago we had our weekly staff meeting, and part of the management updates were on our return to the office status. All of the managers at my campus had a meeting with facilities management, and they discussed the plan on what we were going to do, what the criteria is, and when we would actually return. Much to my surprise, the facilities manager said “we are several weeks away from even starting the return to work plan. I was rather shocked.

Basically, we have to follow federal guidelines, state and local ones, and various local management directives. Also, for anyone who is at a high risk or lives with anyone who is at a high risk for COVID-19, then they will be allowed to work from home for longer. so, in a nutshell, I’ll be working from home for quite some time. My special needs daughter is immunocomprimised, and the other two prisoners here with me have astma.

Here’s my understanding of the plan. We have to meet three criteria levels before we can even initiate the return to work plan, and then it has certain criteria to meet before moving onto the next stage. Here is the criteria:

• Criterion I: Downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses (ILI) and COVID-like illnesses (CLI), consistent over the course of 14 consecutive days.
• Criterion II: Downward trajectory of documented COVID-19 cases or percent of positive tests trending downward for 14 consecutive days, while not decreasing the overall number of tests. (Percent of positive tests will be added to the dashboard when the data becomes available.)
• Criterion III: Local hospitals must have the capacity to treat all patients without crisis care and jurisdictions must have a robust healthcare worker testing program and plan in place.

Currently, my office location has met all but the second criteria, and from the looks of things we won’t be meeting it anytime soon. There is a straight line increase in COVID-19 cases in the surrounding metro area, so until that trend is reversed, I’m stuck at home.

What Now?

The one good thing to come of this is being able to spend more time in the nude and work more on my blog. Personally, the more time I am able to spend without clothes has a direct affect on my mood for the day. It’s the only time I actually feel like…me. I’m sure most of you feel the same way too, and I hope that someone reading this will get a spark in them to strip their clothes off and feel what I am feeling. Plus, when I sit down to start writing a post I feel a bit more focused. Alomst like a perfect Zen of coexistance with nature and naturist. I have all of these big plans and writings in my head, so we’ll see if I’m able to get around to finishing them. Sometimes it feels like life is against my personal endeavors.

I’m not sure if it’s just me or if other naturist with a social media presence get a lot of feedback, but I seem to get a lot of messages relating to becoming a nudist. Are they genuine? I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but most appear to have a lot of body insecurities and don’t really know where to start. Maybe their fishing for comments. Who knows. Unfortunately, if you look online for nudist you are certain to get an overwhelming response of near perfect to perfect bodies. Even the “nudist” social networks use this in their site advertisements. I would hate to think that someone is not enjoying a naked lifestyle simply because they feel like they don’t “fit in”. If you have an untold story and want to share it, then please let me know so we can tell it and maybe help someone change their lifestyle for the good.

Maybe that is something I (you, we, etc) should look to focus on. I came across a tweet last night of a lady who didn’t want to follow my account becaue it appeared to be more “exhibitionist” in nature. She stated that she didn’t have a “perfect” body, and appeared to be looking to see if she could “fit in” with us. I’d like to hear and share her story because I think she could have a positive impact on some, especially women trying to dip their toe into naturism. Hearing someone elses story can often be life changing for both parties.

I’m not going to dive too deep into this hole today. I just don’t have time and I only wanted to put out a short post about me being stuck at home for a bit longer. My mind wonders very easily and I could ramble on from topic to topic without any set agenda. Welcome to my brain.

Get Naked, Stay naked.


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  • You be sure we’re spending the most possible time at home in the nude, although here in southern hemisphere Winter temperatures are already installing, for now there´s enough room inside to keep enjoying the view of clothes resting in their closet.

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