Up and Running…Mostly

A few weeks ago I suffered a major setback on my website. I lost access to my primary web server AND my new at pretty much the same time. I’m still not exactly sure what happened, but I lost everything on my new server. I was devastated and just said fuck it for a few weeks. Thankfully, after my break, I was able to do a remote login on the old server and at least pull the database off and transfer it to the new one. this saved my posts and my leg structure. At least I had something to work off of. Also, I was able to pull all of my image galleries from the old server over. Anything I had out on the new server was gone. I had to go find them all over again.

Part of the problem I faced was my old website template was not compatible with my new server. It was developed by my hosting provider and some features would not transfer. This time I’m doing everything from scratch or using widely available tools not limited to single company. It’s going to work out better this way.

One piece of silver lining is I learned how to stand up a full web server from scratch. The only part that was automated was my server host. In a few clicks installed the operating system and did some updates. The fun began when I had to start installing the core web server, database, WordPress, and dependent packages. Needless to say I spent hours searching the internet and trying different things until I got it. Without fail there was an error at ever step I had to find a fix and apply it.

Currently, the website is fully functional with the absence of a few features I had before. Namely, the member section of the website. After all I’ve been through I just don’t have it in me right now. Maybe later. I’m still working on the galleries and uploading pics and formatting the pages. Personally, I like having the images because I feel it helps promote the various naked human shapes, and allows others to see that everyone is as imperfect as you and I. I will continue to take submissions and search the internet for quality nudism to help promote and advocate the normalization of nudism.

So for now I’m going to focus on blogging and finishing up various portions of my website. My priorities are the galleries and the informational pages for those interested in everything nudism/naturism. I now have a backup server and will be doing regular backups. 😁

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