About Me

My Approach

My approach is simple…promote nudism, write about nudism, share our stories, the changes we’ve made, the better people we’ve become, and how we can incorporate nudism into our everyday lives.  We should not be looked at by society as some fetish crowd looking for a thrill, but as normal people choosing to live a life that gives us a fulfillment that no on else can achieve.  I don’t promote pornography, but I do promote sexual health for men, women, and couples. If you’re looking for pornographic material, then please keep going because you won’t find it here. Let’s live a full, nude, and healthy life! Most of all I want to NORMALIZE NATURISM AND NUDITY.

My Story

Hello, my name is Alexis. A bit about me…I grew up living in in the Bible belt with deep roots in Christianity, and a belief that we are called to do work by a higher power.  To say the least, my journey into nudism has been more of a “secret life” than an open advocacy of promoting nudism and living a free, naked life.  To this day I still do not want to bring bad thoughts to my family, so I have taken to the web to advocate and promote this lifestyle I have chosen.  I have no doubt my family would still love and accept me…I mean, isn’t that what family is for??  I’m hoping that my open advocacy on the web through blogging will give me the confidence I need to finally open up about my life and who I am.  Who knows, maybe there’s more of you like me out there and we can all build our confidence.

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