Normalize The Naked Life

Explore the Joys of Nakedness

My Naked Week In The Mountains

Good morning to all my nude friends and aspiring nudies. April had quite the start with me but it’s all been for the good. One of the best parts of it was my naked week in the mountains! It was absolutely amazing and well overdue for me to get out of town for a while. […]

Coming Back Into Balance

I know I am not the only who sometimes feels like their life is out of balance. I’m not just talking about a work, life, family, and personal time balance, but more of a total body imbalance. Over the past several months…well, probably at least a year now, I haven’t felt like I was in […]

Bucket List For A Naked 2023

I am really looking forward to a bucket list for a naked 2023. I think it will be the best year I have had in a long time, and completing even a couple of my naked bucket list items will be a success. The pandemic and fallout has seemed to somewhat subside, well, at least […]

Why You Should Adopt A Naked Life

With each passing day and week I am becoming more and more comfortable allowing those in my close circle know that I am typically naked while at home. I will pretty much do anything naked and if I need to quickly go outside for some reason, then I will just slap on a robe before […]

Establishing Intimacy and Connections Through Nudity

Over the past couple of months I have had this feeling that I was needing more, but the problem was that I didn’t really know what I was wanting or needing. It was a strange feeling of emptiness, yearning, and confusion. There is not much in my life where I seem to go without. I […]

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