Good morning my lovely naturist friends. A couple of weekends ago I discovered my web server software corrupted which caused my website to go down. I thought I had copied everything from the other server, but apparently I missed a few things going all the way back to May. So now I’m having to recreate a lot of stuff from web archives. The best I can do is up to August 4th right now, so I am missing a lot of work which is rather discouraging. As a result, I may or may not go back and try to rewrite those posts (if I can remember), and just move forward from now on.

A quick update about me. We continue to be separated and it doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. I can’t say I am disappointed really, but I do miss my kids when they are not home with me. As parents, we have to do the best we can to ensure our kids get as much time with each parent, and that their every need is taken care of. Regardless of what happens, my kids will be my utmost concern. I haven’t selected an attorney yet, but I have a couple in mind that I will be interviewing. Most likely I will take some time off work and do this tomorrow. If time permits I will try to finish restoring my blog and get another post out.

Since I am home alone a lot more now, I have been able to be naked and free, and my overall mood and spirit rise when I’m able to be. I have been able to go several days in a row with nothing on, and cannot put into words how good it makes me feel. The only exception is when I leave the house or are expecting visitors, then I will put clothes on for that duration only. 🙂 However, I do have to watch out for the neighbors and their kids. I’ve been trapped in the kitchen before because a bunch of kids were at the front door to ask if they can jump on the trampoline. Then just yesterday my neighbor was at his mailbox talking on the phone, and I walked out of my office without thinking about anything in the world. I looked up and he was looking my direction. Now, I generally keep the blinds closed and the lights out when I’m home to keep me from being “lit up”, but yesterday I had the hallway and foyer light on as I walked out. I just happen to notice him as I was walking out of sight down the hallway. Oh well. 🙂 It’s my house and I can do what I want, and I’m not overtly showing myself off to anyone. Quite the opposite. I like to hide away.

It’s audit season at work, so things are quite busy for me, but I do plan to spend a bit of time in the evenings working on more writings. I’ve had a few people email me asking me to do some reviews on things, so I am considering doing that. At least it will give me some good content to work on!! Also, I want to go back and do my privacy series because most of them were lost, but I’m not sure if I will do it as a blog post, separate pages, or even a small eBook to download. Based on reader feedback it was valuable to a number of you, so we will see how time allows.

Anyway, thinks for being patient with me with this mess. After I get everything back up again, I will be setting a schedule to do weekly backups and a back up after any post or major change. You all are the best!! Thank you friends.

The happiest times of my life are when I’m naked…


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  1. Well written and very enjoyable
    Always gratifying to hear about your lifestyle. So.…
    I did enjoy posing for you in a an earlier blog

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t like to put out the “dirty laundry” online, but sometimes it may be my only avenue to vent. Sometimes it’s easier to type it out than to say the words. I don’t know. Maybe the introvert in me.

  2. I wish you all the best. A brave decission. I like your blog. It inspires me to spent more time without clothes. That’s wonderfull.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s truly a labor of love and the best way I know how to express myself. I just wish it wasn’t so difficult at times. Lol. I’m so thankful to hear that you are going to spend more time without clothes. It’s truly the best feeling I’m the world, and feedback like this inspires me to keep writing and working at making my blog better.

  3. Good to see you back, I was worried about you. So, it was mostly just technology! A couple of thoughts: (1) There are websites that gather and cache ‘everything’ – perhaps you can find some of your work there? (2) I write everything in my favourite word processor, then paste it where required. At least you keep the ‘last draft’, even if you edit it when posting. Just a suggestion.

    1. Thank you for your concern. Yes. It was all technology. I wonder if my server was hacked or something, but I keep a close look at it. I have a security/firewall that I use to help, but I don’t know how well it really works. Sometimes I use the app to write so theirs no word processor except for what WordPress has. So not local copies. I may have to start doing that though.

  4. I must say I recently came across your site and am delighted that I have. We have enjoyed our nudity for years. Mainly we escape on vacation and get naked on a beach or by the resort pool. It is a life style that the Germans and Poles have enjoyed for years. The US is very slow in accepting nudity but maintains it in the closet. Hopefully your site and others will allow people to loose their inhibitions.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I do tend to hide in my corner on the internet, but sometimes people find me. 😛 I’m glad to you all enjoy some time of nude recreation in your life, even if it is on a vacation. I have learned that not everyone can or does live the life 100%, but I celebrate those who can do it at least part of the time. I would like to take a nudist vacation tour around Europe one day and experience how the world enjoys nudity. The primary goal I have for my blog is to help show others that being naked is normal can be enjoyed at home or socially. Currently, I am only able to do it at home myself, but things are looking up and I may start to venture out to some clubs around me.

  5. Yes, being naked at home is refreshing and natural by yourself or with close friends and family. For us being naked at home is normal and our children when they were younger accepted it as ordinary. During the warmer weather we are able to enjoy the privacy of our own back yard since the neighbors are so far away. We have had awkward moments with the Amazon drivers but they all take it with a smile. Our best times are reading a book by the fireplace during the winter time.

    Regarding travel we are looking forward to visiting the beaches of Antigua in late winter.

    We have never gone to a Club due to the fact we tend to see the Club as more for Swingers. We may be totally wrong about that. Please let us know if you go.

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