This years election campaigns have been nothing short of overbearing and pretty annoying. We are constantly being inundated with political babble bullshit that it’s almost impossible to sift through the lies and slander to actually understand where each candidate stands. Every commercial has snippets of one candidate saying things, and it leads the voter to believe one thing when in reality it’s a short sentence taken out of context of a larger conversation.

Additionally, social media has been the primary source of news and political beliefs for many. Why is that? Well, my theory is that we have so much information thrown at us from different media types that it seems nearly impossible keep up with it all. We have turned into a society with a depth of understanding a mile wide and an inch deep. Social media is an easy source of information that we can digest in short bits. It’s easy to read 140 or so characters of “republicans want to take away your health care and rights” or “democrats are going to raise your taxes and turn our country into socialist communism”. In all honesty are either of them the truth, lies, or just half truths? I’m not sure we know, and I’m not certain either either party really knows themselves.

So let me ask you this…do you even know what you believe or what you want? If you’re a younger reader, do you even know what each party stands for, or do you believe what your parents believe or what other people are telling you to believe? Maybe you’re like me and you kinda straddle the line because both parties have a little of what I believe. I have one or two items that I will not budge on, and sometimes that sways my vote depending on the candidate seeking election. I’ll even vote the opposite if someone has principles way off from mine. However, that’s just me and I’ve done my research on what I believe our country stands for and where each party relative to me. Again, the question is, do you?

I want to challenge each of you to learn about each party and the candidates for both federal and state elections. Find out where you lie on the political scale, and see which one actually stands and believes what you do. Don’t go into Election Day blind and following the lead of someone else, but go in with the education and knowledge to make the right decision for YOU!! Let me repeat…make your decision based on what YOU need/want, and not on the psychobabble bullshit every news media, social media, or even what your neighbors or friends want. This is your right and your election.

We have one more day of early voting here in the States. Before you go out today, or even on Election Day, know your candidates and know how their values align with yours. No matter where you stand, go vote!! It’s okay if you vote across party lines. Maybe your senators are different than your governor, or your governor is different than your presidential selection. That’s okay too. I think we need a mix of both to ensure the balance of power is kept somewhat neutral, and neither party has an opportunity to have total control of the government. This is probably one of the, if not THE, most controversial election we’ve see. It’s certainly the most controversial for my life time.

Whether you’re a democrat, republican, tea party, or other political party, the important thing is to vote what you based on your fundamentals and beliefs.

I generally don’t like politics and almost always stay away from anything related to it, but given how much crap we’re being fed I felt the need to say something. So, for now I will get off of my soap box and get busy writing other things.

Oh, I did manage to find a recent backup of my site data which looks to contain all of my posts, data, and user information, so I am working to get everything restored to where it was. Also, I have two guest posts in the works of individuals explaining how the naked lifestyle has changed their life for the good. I’m super excited to present these inspirational stories.

Until next time…Get naked. Stay naked.


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  1. Yes we are definitely both voting for freedom and less government intrusion. We wish we were also voting for a national public nudity law allowing it where and when it’s appropriate. It’s long over due.

    Ms. K

    1. I feel the same way and I wish we could have the best of both worlds, but unfortunately there is too much hate within our country and between various parties. Unfortunately, I don’t ever see a national public nudity law, but some localities have passed some making it okay for public nudity (I think San Fransisco has one), and a topless law (NYC) for women too! That may be our best bet for some kind of equality for us within our country.

  2. I wish you a lot of wisdom. A lot of changes can take place from within. From bottom up instead of top down. When there are enough people who live without hating each other, politicians will finally have to accept the fact, that setting people up against each other won’t work. Where i live, I also see it happen, that politicians are setting groups of people up against each other. Yes I know I am a dreamer, but I keep in mind, that if there are enough dreamers changes will finally take place. Please let’s be gentle with one another. A naturist lifestyle can help, but is of course not necessary. Good luck and vote wisely. But the most important: just like Alexis writes: vote for what YOU believe

  3. I’m sick of our country being so divided. But I also feel very strongly about my opinions. That doesn’t mean I think everyone should agree with me. Bottom line: I respect what other people believe as long as they respect what I believe. Through all the differences, we need to learn to love again. And I feel it’s important to remember what JFK said. Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
    Live freely, love each other, and get naked. Lol. <3

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