Coping With Isolation

Introverts If you read yesterday’s post you will have read my personality type is an INTP. The “I” stands for introversion, and that basically means you gain energy and strength from being alone. I have always been a loner and I absolutely love it. Even as a kid I would often play by myself, and […]

Unconventional things to do at home, naked!

Everywhere you turn now someone has an idea on what you can do at home, naked or not. Sure you can watch TV, play games, workout, and even the dreaded…cleaning! Let’s be realistic, there’s only so much you can do at home before you’re bored stupid. We have to find something to keep your mind, […]

Mud Wrestling

Although I’m not quite finished getting everything together, I’m close enough that I can take some time to blog a bit. I used to have an acupuncturist that was very free spirited and secure in how she looked. We would often talk about the things we have done naked. I actually got to a point […]

Up and Running…Mostly

A few weeks ago I suffered a major setback on my website. I lost access to my primary web server AND my new at pretty much the same time. I’m still not exactly sure what happened, but I lost everything on my new server. I was devastated and just said fuck it for a few […]

I Think I have An Addiction

Thankfully, it’s not a drug, alcohol, or illegal substance which I’m addicted to, but an addiction to being naked and to other nudists. I noticed myself wondering off in thought yesterday while pushing my daughter on the swing. It’s a typical cool February afternoon in the south with lifeless deciduous trees all around me. I […]

We’re Upgrading!!

Some of you may have been experiencing slowdowns, pages not loading, and other issues on here. I’ve recently been getting nasty-grams from my hosting provider saying they have had to limit my site lately due to it using too many resources and affecting other sites. I guess this is a good problem to have, but […]

Normalizing Naturism

While scrolling through Twitter today I come across the hashtag #normalisingnaturism, and this tag struck both my curiosity and excitement. I thought “someone is on to something here”, and as of this writing on Friday there were literally hundreds of tweets about this. I managed to find some hidden gems among all those hashtags. Very […]

New Years Resolutions

As each passing year goes by a lot of people tend to make New Years Resolutions to provide themselves a “fresh start” to something in their life.  I think your most abundant resolution is “I’m going to lose weight”, “I’m going to be better with my money”, or some other non-specific, unmeasurable, unattainable, unrealistic, or […]

Mountain Mermaid

I remember growing up in the Appalachian mountains playing in the creeks and streams of southwest Virginia. The water was always cool year round because of the trickle down from the mountains. This was always a refreshing dip during the humid summers. I was never able to really take my clothes off in the water, […]