This seems like a loaded question/statement. You’d think the question is simple with a simple answer. To ponder on this question I moved from my study into the sitting room so I can peer out the window and remember what normal life is like. I have a hot mug of green tea (pictured above), wrapped up in a fuzzy, and trying to keep my feet warm and my nipples from poking out the neighbors eyes. Even with the heat on I’m still cold, but this is still better than being confined to clothes while home. With this in mind, let’s dive into some considerations.

What do you buy that special nudist in your life? You’d think clothes were an easy no and you should help us stock up on sunscreen lotion and beach towels, but it’s not always sunny and warm for a lot of us. I mean, could you imagine an Alaskan nudist in the dead of winter? There are towns in Alaska that won’t see the sun again for a month or longer!! Talk about level 5 white!! The sunburn…ouch. Maybe you buy your nudist sibling some kind of naturist paraphernalia? Gamer’s like games and car people like car stuff, right??? While this may be true for some, you should not always assume we want sunscreen or “live naked” coffee mug for our desk.

The Gift List

1) A Robe

I consider this an essential for anyone who lives the naturist lifestyle because it’s easy to slip on and off when you’re cold or someone comes to the door. Today I was greeted with some neighborhood girls asking if my girls could come out to play. I was in my study hidden from sight, but I had to put on pants and a shirt just to go to the door. By the time I had gotten there the girls were starting to leave on their scooters. If I had a robe nearby I could have quickly put it on and wrapped up. Also, it can take two blankets to do what one robe could do for me because I have one for the legs and another for the top. You end up looking like something out of a Star Wars movie.

2) Fuzzy Slippers

I can’t express how cold my feet get when walking on the hardwood or tile floors. I have house shoes that keep my feet warm while inside, but the moment I go out in cold weather my feet are freezing. Having a pair of fuzzy/fleece ones would be so nice in the winter time, especially for those quick trips to the mailbox or opening the door if someone is there. Not to mention the tile in my bathroom floor gets cold in the winter!!! Having these and a robe would have been blissful this morning when the doorbell rang.

3) Fanny Pack

Don’t judge. These things are making a comeback. My brother-in-law wears one if he is in gym clothes without any pockets. Unfortunately, there’s no pockets in our skin (unless you’re Ursula the magician…I still don’t know where her hanky panky went to), so we need something carry our money and phone with. Just be sure you get something stylish and not a hideous 80’s genre one. One more thought…be sure the strap is soft and nothing poking out or that could irritate the skin. There are a few on Amazon that I saw, but I’m sure some of your quality stores will have some really nice ones as well.

4) Books Written By Naturist

I’ve been looking into some naturist books lately, and I reached out to Naked Kate on Tuesday to see where I could get a copy of her book. I’ve read her blog and followed her adventures, and now I want to read her book. I’ve seen a few others on Amazon and other sources, and I plan to start reading them over the Christmas holiday season. I have some new recliners in my study, and I’m anxious to curl up with a book and a glass of wine. If you have any recommendations please let me know. Maybe I can read some of these and do a review before Christmas for you!!

5) Acceptance

Acceptance may seem like a weird gift, but it’s something you can’t ignore and it’s free. Nudist and nudity in general is always viewed as being sexually promiscuous or like some kind of addiction to sex. Members of the community and most readers of nudist blogs know this so far from the truth. I hate to sound like a broken record by repeating this all the time, but if we don’t keep the issues fresh on our minds they end up getting lost. What we desire most is for non-nudist (i.e. textiles) to try and understand our point of view and choices. What if your son, daughter, brother, or sister decided one day they were gay/lesbian? Would you look at them differently or judge them? Give us the greatest gift of support.

Wrapping Up

I’m sure there are many more great gifts out there, but these were just a few I had been thinking on that would be nice and were not “nudist” themed. Well, except the last one, but it is important enough to mention because we all desire it. Oh, sunglasses would be a nice gift too!! I’m hoping Santa will bring me a new pair. Anyway, show your support for that person in your life who enjoys living their life naked, or who sometimes visits the occasional clothing optional venue. Let them know you don’t judge them for their choices, and you encourage them to pursue their happiness.

If you are in the USA, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and you take this time to reconnect with those you love. Most importantly, do so at a safe distance so we can help stop the spread of COVID this holiday season. If you go shopping tomorrow, may God bless your soul and keep you safe. I’m not about to fight that crowd, especially this year.

With naked love,


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  1. Nice list Alexis. I could add a subscription to a naturist magazine or organization, a beautiful and artistic nude picture, a nice hat (apart from a good pair of shoes, it’s much needed for naked hikes or a day at the naked beach), a strong and comfortable backpack (for naked hikes), a pair of hiking shoes (providing you get the right size), and a nice towel. Have a wonderful festive season!

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