As each passing year goes by a lot of people like to make New Years Resolutions. New Years Resolutions provide people with a “fresh start” to something in their life. I think your we all set non-specific, unmeasurable, unattainable, unrealistic, or non-time dependent goals. Many of you in business or other industries may have heard of the SMART system for setting goals.  


Specific: Your goal should have quantifiable end point. “I’m going to lose 25 lbs this year”
Measureable: Your goal should have certain milestones. Lose two pounds a month.
Attainable: Is it physically possible to reach your intended goal?
Realistic: Don’t say you’re going to be a millionaire by next Christmas.
Time Dependent:  I have eleven months to reach my goal.

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When you build your New Years Resolutions or other goals, utilizing the SMART method can greatly increase your success. Plus, it will build your confidence along the way. For example, you set a goal to lose 10 pounds in six months, but lose 15 pounds in six months. How much better would that make you feel?  I know I’d be pretty happy and more motivated to get the last ten pounds in 5 months or less.  Let’s challenge ourselves to set a goal for the new year and make strides to achieve it. Find an accountability buddy and have a set time that you check in with each other.  Having a support system will greatly increase your chances of success!!  

Setting My New Years Resolutions

I’m going to state my New Years Resolutions publicly. Hopefully, I can rely on each of you to help me achieve those goals. I was very close to getting my 2023 New Years Resolutions with my Naked Bucket List for 2023.

  • Revise and update old blog posts
  • Put out a new blog post at least every two weeks.
  • Reach an average daily visitor count of 2,000 by December 31, 2024.
  • Generate $500 in site revenue by August 1, 2024

If you paid close attention you see how I implemented the SMART method with my goals. Each one is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time dependent. The first two goals are fairly straight forward in terms of doing it. However, the last two are going to take a little bit of thought to figure out the process to reach the goals.

Your goals can be anything you want that is meaningful to you. Maybe you have money or health goals you want to achieve. What if you are a home or closet nudist who wants to desperately explore public or social nudism. I would always encourage spending more time with family. Set a goal to spend at two hours a day with those you love. Make your goal to actually use all of your vacation in a year?  

Whatever your goals are I want to see you reach them!!
Let’s start this new decade off to a great one and set ourselves up for every success!

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    1. Thank you for the comment and interaction. I’m glad you like my pictures and writings, and I hope I can inspire someone to join us as nudist.

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