Over the weekend I began pondering about what the Bible says about nudity and how it relates to nudist/naturist, how many different ways the Bible teaches on nudity, and how often verses are taken out of context to suit the needs and views of the person talking/reading. There is no doubt an endless battle over what our morals as humans are supposed to be versus what someone thinks they are supposed to be, but, personally, I wanted to embark on an educational journey for myself as a professed Christian, and as an advocate and supporter of living a clothes free life to finally answer those burning questions. I have started a series of blog post which will be put out over the coming weeks…maybe months depending on how deep I start digging. I have barely made it out of the first book of Genesis and I’m already exhausted by thought and research.

EVERYONE has an authoritative opinion and interpretation of what the Bible says about nudity (often referred to as nakedness), but what I have learned so far is translations and context behind the story are somewhat…ambiguous. Hang with me here and don’t get turned off by the so called religious blah, blah, blah. Good? Okay. Let’s start with a little bit of background and understanding.

If you take ten people and read through a book or chapter of the Bible, then the verses will speak to each person differently. Sometimes what the Bible says will help you or guide you in your current situation. However, I can read the same verse and get a totally different message of help based on my needs. This is where you will find most that God “speaks” to you without actually hearing an audible voice similar to what the Bible talks about. Now that you’re armed with that knowledge, you can understand a little about how I’m struggling. I read a verse and see it as one thing, but a commentator will explain it totally different. Also, you have to worry about another person interpreting it based on what they think you should feel or understand. Almost like pushing political views on someone who doesn’t really understand either side.

Needless to say it’s been quite the adventure so far and I have no idea where it’s going to lead me. My hope is that in the end it will give me, and readers, a little bit more understanding of when it’s okay and encouraged to be naked in God’s eyes. Most of the scripture really leaves nothing open for interpretation, like the Ten Commandments, but some of the stories and parables are a little more obscure to say the least. These are what make it hard to really understand what the exact intentions/teachings are, and where the inherent arguments lie.

To close out this brief writing I’m going to say that nudity is not always forbidden, and in a few instances it has been blessed and commanded by God. Some nudity is used to express the glory of God and His greatness, while nudity in some instances can be allowed due to the nature of the circumstances. What is abundantly clear, nudity can be a gateway to dishonor and sin, and believers should be aware and cautious if an unholy situation should occur. The upcoming posts is primarily geared toward believers and their quest to understand what they are allowed to do, and what is essentially forbidden in the eyes of God. However, I really encourage any non-believers or skeptics to look at this new series with an open mind and open eyes, and understand why there is not always a clear answer for believers. Regardless of what you believe, the answers may surprise us all. I’m looking forward to finding out. Are you?

Get naked, live naked.


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    1. Thank you! I have no set method to my madness!! I am an extremely introverted person and I am always lost in thought over something. As a result, these random and incomplete thoughts often find there way into a variety of half written blog post and pages. It’s my way of keeping the disaster inside my brain organized.

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