Music is an incredibly powerful form of expression and feelings, and speaks to you in ways art or literature cannot. I was on my way in to work yesterday morning (Yes, it’s as awful as it sounds. I have to get dressed and go in two days a week now), when I heard the beautiful voice of Evanescence vocalist, Amy Lee, come across my AirPods. I have always found her voice and lyrics to resonate with my emotions and soul, but yesterday morning was a bit different in my interpretation. I had just picked up my coffee from Starbucks, and in the solitude and silence of my car, I really listened to the words of this song. I have heard this song so many times, and I know the general purpose of this song was for Amy to express her feelings and discontent for President Trump. However, something about the song just clicked. It was like a light switch went off in my head where I realized this song has so many more meanings and applications that originally thought. If you haven’t listened to the song yet or it’s been a while, then please take 4 minutes out of your day to really listen to what she is saying, and think about how her words can be relevant to nudist/naturists.

Cover My Ears And Close My Eyes

Over the past year or so, I have watched as so many nudist have been permanently banned from the big social media conglomerates without any cause or notice. Most of them woke up one morning to find out Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter had erased them from the internet because they violated the mystical and subjective terms of service. At the same time they show an enormous amount of violence, racial slurs, and stalker behaviors to go on unchecked and without recourse or punishment. I have not been on Facebook in over 12 years, stopped using Instagram about two years ago, and I find myself getting on Twitter less and less each week. I see so many trolls, toxic people, bothersome retweets from people I follow, and after I started seeing innocent people banned because of some “violation”, I just decided it time for me to take a step back. They may end up banning me to at some point too, who knows, but although they will try to hide and cover our ears and close our eyes, I will use my voice.

Drown Out The Truth In An Ocean Of Lies

The nudist and/or naturist title has become so diluted with half-truths and lies that it has basically gotten to the point where if you label yourself as a nudist or naturist, then you fall into the population of perverts, sexual deviant, exhibitionist, or slut. The porn industry has discovered there is money and attraction to be made by adding the label of nudist/naturist to websites and videos, and they are capitalizing on peoples fantasy to have a naked, sex driven man/woman living with them in real life or fantasy. I wrote on this some time ago, and if you do a search of nudist, naturist, or similar clothes-free lifestyle, then you will be blasted with porn sites promising you some unfulfilled fantasy you didn’t know you had. Additionally, the online news outlets have titled articles using the words “nudist sex resort”, so the unknowing immediately associate nudist with sex. Why would anyone question that? It came from a reputable news agency, so it must be true. Do you always trust what you are told by everyone? Things like this is why we struggle to bring the younger crowd and women to nudism. We don’t want to be objectified like the misdirected outlets do. These organizations can build a wall of lies…but I will use my voice.

If We Can’t Talk About It…

We’ll just keep drowning in it. As everyone is aware, the laws in each country, state, region, and city vary greatly when it comes to public or some other form of non-private nudity. Laws were written hundreds…or even thousands of years…ago, and we have to ask ourselves if they are even really relevant anymore. The US National Parks don’t have a ban on nudity, but you have to respect others and not offend, which is basically the nudist mindset. We just want to be naked and don’t care about “shocking” people. A large problem lies in the state and local governance and laws. Some cities like San Fransisco, New York City, etc have relaxed laws about nudity, but it’s still not widely accepted or even known about. However, most other communities won’t even consider looking at it, and the thought of opening a clothing optional area on public lands would create an enormous outcry. Our politicians are elected to be the voice and representation for everyone in our communities, states, and country, but the older I get I have realized you don’t speak for me. So, I will use my voice.

I’m Never Going To Fit In The Box

Societal norms have plagued us since the beginning of time, and you are indoctrinated to believe you must act, look, or have a certain mindset to be accepted into society. Over time this has gotten a little better, but there are still many opportunities for all persons to be represented and viewed fairly by society. I know I will never fit into that standard mold of a person where I hold the viewpoints of a certain political party, have my house kept a certain way, be up on the latest trends in fashion (unless nudity becomes a well accepted fashion), interpret things the same as you, and, ya know, sometimes I like pineapple on pizza, so what? Who cares? The way we express ourselves determines who we are, and it is essentially our voice whether vocal, written, through art, nudity, or some other means. Whether you like it or not…I will use my voice.

One Day Soon

My hope is that one day soon there will be no more lies, deceit, or misconceptions about what it means to live a clothes free life at home, vacation, or even in our communities. Like many of you, I don’t like the constant worry that I will offend someone, have inappropriate remarks or gestures directed at me, be judged for my choice to live a peaceful lifestyle naked, or feel like I have to go out of my way to appease those who are ignorant or don’t understand. There are so many nudist content creators out there who are fighting the good fight on social media, through short movie productions, blogs, artistic self expression, and even organizations like AANR and TNS who are fighting and advocating to lawmakers the intent and benefits of wholesome social and recreational nudity. Like it or not…we’re gonna break right through…give me credit or not I give a lot…but you don’t speak for me. Like the people mentioned above, through my writings and blog posts, I will use my voice. How will you?

Please take a moment to go back and listen to the song again and let me know if it resonated with you and how. The header text and bold words in the text are lyrics taken from the song to help personify my feelings, expressions, and thoughts. If you would like to read the full lyrics, then please see this page.

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  1. Great post, Alexis! While I don’t identify as a nudist, I do enjoy being nude at home and often am. I admire people who can shed inhibition and enjoy the forest or the ocean in the buff. I am looking forward to hearing this song! I am not familiar with this one, and did not know of the political association. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂 XOXO

    1. Hi Nora, thank you for reading and your kind comments. Over the past few months I have been questioning my personal label as a nudist. I’m beginning to see that some may find it off-putting having a negative connotation associated with it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to identify as living clothes free, enjoying my own nakedness, or using the term naturist because I love to be naked outside. The warm sun and breeze excites all of my nerve endings. So exhilarating. I’m very happy you live clothes free at home as much as possible. Embrace your womanhood.

      1. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t unintentionally come across as someone who has a negative connotation with being a nudist, as I really don’t. I just don’t have the desire to be nude out in the world…but I respect those that do. There is a place not too far from me where people go to the river to enjoy the outdoors nude, and I always smile as I walk by because I genuinely enjoy seeing people enjoying life this way. It is a beautiful expression of the self. <3

        1. I never thought that in the least. I don’t think those who identify as a nudist think much about it because they know the real meaning behind it and not an interpreted or sensationalized meaning. Many just don’t care. I think whatever you identify as whether it’s a nudist, race, sexual orientation, or any other identifiers is a form of self expression. It’s your voice regardless if it’s an audible voice or an expressive voice and we should all respect that personal decision. The world needs more good people like you who are accepting and will smile at people enjoying themselves naked in a river or marching down the streets of San Fransisco.

    1. I love every song she has written/sung. Many of them are powerful and speak to me depending on my emotional state at the time. I hope I have turned you into another cult follower. hahaha.

  2. Great post!! I enjoy eating pineapple on my pizza. I refuse to let others thoughts about me which they haven’t voiced in a well reasoned fashion stop me from doing as I please. Far too often, we as people allow others to chain us into little boxes because we aren’t what a lawyer. doctor, friend, musician, or other person in a specific category should be. When, at the end of the day, we are all individuals. Labels are great for understanding the basic tenets, but because we are individuals, we must acknowledge that all people modify basic definitions. We must take the time to talk about our favorite mode of dress because other people do not know that much about it and we give people who know nothing about naturism a more balanced view of what we believe.

    1. I agree. There needs to be more education on the subject, and an internet search will not give you the factual basis behind a clothes free life. Sadly, it’s plagued with porn and sensationalized media outlets. They are uncomfortable conversations to have sometimes, especially with people who don’t understand or who are….aggressively against it (people who get mad over it). The more I read and think on it, the more I think about not labeling myself as an nudist or naturist, but more of someone who enjoys the benefits of a clothes free life. I think people are much more accepting of you saying something like “I spend as much time as I can naked. I live alone and I don’t see any need to rush and get dressed.” Something like that. When you have another label, like nudist, people IMMEDIATELY take their minds to the gutter and think sex. It just gets tiresome. Sometimes choosing different, easily interpreted words can change the whole context of the conversation. Maybe that is the approach we take? Adjust our approach to teaching so that it is easier to digest.

  3. Thank you for your post. I had never heard that song, and I appreciate your sharing about what that song evokes in you.

    As one who has engaged in social nudism since 1997, I have learned both the joy of naturism/nudism (n/n), as well as the futility of trying to convince textiles that our way of life should be accepted by the general society. Instead, I seek to either enjoy n/n alone in a secluded natural setting, or with like-minded souls at a clothing-optional or nudist venue. I have to say that when I am enjoying the sunshine, water and company of other nude people at an outdoor public venue, like one of the clothing-optional beaches here in Seattle, and clothed folks show up (clearly in the minority), it is wonderful to see the opposite of our society where they have to accept all the naked people, or get so uncomfortable that they end up leaving (on their own). It is a beautiful sight.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any public places nearby for me to enjoy, but I could travel up to some of the national forest areas. I’ve been needing a vacation and I’d like to sit by a mountain river naked on a sunny day. I just need to find a secluded place on federal park grounds to do so. If everything goes well, then sometime next spring/summer I’m going to venture out to my first resort in over ten years. Unfortunately, not everyone will be accepting to our lifestyle choice, and they will fight it. Same thing still happens to minority and protected groups. It’s just he way our society is and we have a long way to go. I’m certain we’ll get more acceptance, especially as more and more celebrities embrace a lifestyle with more naked time. I don’t think they will label themselves as nudists, but I think naked acceptance will get better.

Let me know your thoughts on this!