I’m getting old. I had to increase the font size just to see what I am writing. I’ll be 41 next month and it’s too early for my vision to get any worse than it already is. Anyway, as many of you already know, it’s hard to find another nudist to date. There are many more people out there who are not nudist than who are, so your dating pool is significantly reduced from a purely nudist perspective. If you’re a nudist this can be very daunting to try and navigate through. I’m sure it’s even more difficult for a man, because it’s much harder to find a woman who is already involved in the clothes-free life, or at least willing to partake in it. Most of the time you have to introduce her to the lifestyle, which can bring a lot of judgement, apprehension, and other negative connotations associated with being a nudist. However, I am not going to focus on the struggles that a nudist may or may not have when trying to date, but I am going to put my focus toward the non-nudist perspective to help bring understanding. My hope is to who reach someone who has come across a nudist or a person who has an aversion to clothing like you and I. If you are reading this and are trying to figure out and understand what your new dating partner/boyfriend/girlfriend finds in the clothes free life, then I am happy you are trying to learn and understand. Who knows, maybe by the end you will either jump into the lifestyle or at least be willing to give it a try. If nothing else you will allow your partner to continue his or her personal lifestyle choices.

It’s About A State Of Being

Long time readers know that I went through a separation last year which essentially turned my life upside down. At first it was a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainty, but after a few short weeks I knew what path I was going to take. I have always considered myself a nudist regardless of whether I was able to do it socially, privately at home, or somewhere in the the middle of a National Forest or National Park. Naturally, it was the only logical choice for me. However, what if someone has or is going through a similar situation now or has in the past, and they are trying to discover who they are or what they want/need? It would make sense for you or anyone to explore all the options. Consequently, the COVID shutdown pushed a lot of people to wear less clothes because they were allowed to work from home, and even British Naturism has seen an increase in it’s members and people entering the nudist life. I’m sure a lot of single men and women out there have either discovered or rediscovered their love of their own skin, and the hatred and aversion to wearing clothes. I didn’t hesitate to shed my clothes while at home, and I still get salty when I need to put on clothes.

When a person makes the choice to take their clothes off and live this life, they are making an expression about who they are, how they feel about themselves, and the level of peace they have by being naked. At first, it may seem like you are doing something wild, crazy, rebellious, or even sinful, but after a short amount of time one begins to realize just how important their naked bodies are and how your nakedness can heal you on many levels. Once you come to this conclusion you reach that state of being and contentment about life and yourself. It builds so much confidence, positive self-image, and true acceptance of your body.

Let’s take a look at you for a moment. Yes, I’m talking to the non-nudist here. Tell me, what is the first thing you do when you come home from work, being out, or doing something that drains you? Typically, you get out of the clothes you were wearing. Am I right? You want to get into something more comfortable so you can either relax and allow your body to decompress. We all do it. It’s just that some of us prefer to do it without a stitch of clothing on. It allows our bodies to release any bad energy, cool our senses, and overall bring a state of well being. I just don’t understand why more people choose not to open their eyes and minds up to see and explore this. With all the stress society puts on us there is no room for us to worry about our bodies or what we are going to wear.

Open Your Eyes And Mind And Accept

If you have had the privilege to talk to or actually date a nudist, then you should consider yourself very lucky. This goes for both men and women. A nudist can help open your eyes to things you have never thought about, and they can bring a sense of peace you can’t find in non-nudist individuals. Let me explain a bit. I’m sure you have read this many times over, but in today’s society we are trained not to think or believe independently. Everyday we are fed so much garbage through people themselves or through different propaganda outlets like the news or social media. In today’s current technological state, anyone can make up any kind of content to make you question yourself, your beliefs, or even the difference between right and wrong. Just because something is socially acceptable doesn’t make it right (i.e. discrimination), or just because something is not socially acceptable doesn’t make it wrong (i.e. non-sexual nudity). As an independent, free thinking society we have an obligation to open our eyes and minds and exercise those critical thinking muscles in our brains. A nudist can help you do that.

Generally speaking, I wouldn’t say nudists are some type of rebel, but I will say that we (nudists or nude friendly people) are more open-minded and free thinking that most out there. We tend to question or go against the norms of society that have been drilled into our minds. There are so many interpretations of religious texts and laws that it’s difficult to fully understand the authors intent when writing it. It says something different to each person. Sigh…I don’t like to mix religion and politics in my blog, but I will make an exception for this. I mean, it’s my blog and I can do what I want. We’ll start with religion…Lord help me…

Many religious texts mention nudity, nakedness, and shame in many places, and the biggest problem I have with this is our ability to interpret whats written based upon our teachings, experience from life, or even our own personal agenda. Furthermore, some interpretations take what is said out of context. This goes for both sides of the coin. In the Bible, Adam and Eve are naked in the Garden of Eden, and they were created by God to rule over the earth, plants, and animals. They were made in God’s image to work for Him and to glorify what He had created. However, the Bible goes on to tell how Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and at that time they felt shameful of their nakedness. If you read closely it says nothing about God being upset or disappointed at them for their nakedness, but He was upset they went against His commands to not eat from the tree. God did not see the bodies (in His image) as shameful, but it was mans sinful nature which made them shameful. Also, later on in the Bible, King David stripped off all of his clothing and he ran naked through the town praising and glorifying God. His wives, concubines, servants, guards, and everyone could see him, but there was nothing wrong with this because he was glorifying and praising God. Finally, one more example. Jesus Himself went up on the mountain to pray. Once he arrived on the mountain, He disrobed and knelt down before God to pray to Him naked. (EDIT: This reference has been questioned and I need to locate where I read this. Regardless, the intent of the follow text still holds true as we “Stand naked before God”)This was an act of obedience and submission to show God that he had nothing to hide from Him because God already knew everything. Jesus wanted to come before God with a pure heart and pure intentions, and He was saying to God that He was not trying to hide or deceive. This was an act of praise and reverence. However, there are more examples in the Bible where nudity is shamed, but that is what the teachings focus on and not how it can be used to glorify God. God is not ashamed of your nakedness, God is ashamed at your sinful nature as man. I pray naked simply because God knows what I look like and I have nothing to hide.

When it comes to politics and laws I don’t think the politicians and lawmakers give two flips about people and their desires to be nude. I think at this point in our evolution and growth as a human society, the politicians are going to do whatever their constituents want them to do. Why? Because that is what gets them elected of course. I would bet my entire life savings the politicians are doing far worse than me wanting to swim or garden naked in my backyard. What it comes down to is the people in the community and states who drive what is done. Let’s take the LGBTQ+ and racial disparity movements as examples. The politicians don’t care what someones preference or racial injustice is as long as they do what is necessary to get the vote to be put or remain in office. These two communities fought, kicked, screamed, and made their voices heard and demanded change. It didn’t take too long before the politicians took notice because this had become such an issue that the nation was unstable. Now, will we turn to some kind of violent or earth-shattering force to be reckoned with? Who knows, but we could if we wanted to make a big enough of a stink about it. Side thought…It would almost be comical to see a mob of naked people storming Washington with pitchforks and torches demanding change. We could storm any office and the only charge they would focus on would be indecent exposure. This is the society we live in now.

With all of that rambling being said, a nudist can help bring you a bit of a reprieve and help you break away from what you have been trained to think. Just because you’re told nudity is bad doesn’t mean it is bad. It’s what society wants you to believe, but a nudist can help you see things from a different angle or open your eyes to things you may not have ever thought about. A fresh way of thinking can be enlightening. Take a chance and open your eyes, mind, and heart about your new partners way of life.

Be Slow To Judge

If someone has confessed to you they are a nudist, naturist, or clothes-free enthusiast, then please don’t judge them for this. Rest assured a genuine nudist is not sexually deviant nympho or a sex crazed pervert looking to get themselves off. Most nudists are not exhibitionist and don’t get some kind of sexual gratification for being naked. We’re not even trying to show ourselves off. We are just living the comfortable life we enjoy, and since humans are social creatures, we sometimes choose to enjoy our nakedness in the presence of other like-minded people. I can tell you that nudists are some of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet, and if you do work up the courage to partake in this with your new found partner, then I am 100% certain you will never look back. Remember, what you are taught to believe can often be someone projecting their opinion and interpretations onto you, and not necessarily the original intent of the information. We should always question the norms and not settle for “this is how we’ve always done it”. When you hear that it’s almost certainly time for a change.

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    1. Good morning/afternoon Roel. Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s good to be back. I’ve already started on another article, and I have another coming behind it. Im hoping to get them finished this week. I may be doing a bit of traveling next week, so it will be kind of hard to write during that time.

  1. You will accept old age and you will like it!! Welcome to the Old Fart club! I am currently 43 yrs old and constantly miserable! Now that you are a member and nearly blind, you can enjoy your old age indefinitely! LOL. Great article.

    1. Hahahaha. Everything hurts too. I just had a massage and saw the chiropractor, but I still have this nagging ache between my shoulders. Pretty sure it’s muscular though. I have some therapeutic massagers I’m going to use and try and work it out. Thank you for the kind words. I’ve missed writing!!

  2. Thank you for another wonderful post. Nudism is an awesome lifestyle, you’re totally right. It seems though that at the same time more and more people are brainwashed by media and stop being critical thinker, we live in a time we need more and more critical thinking and advocating nudism participates to critical thinking and seeing the world with a different lens. I agree with you about open-mindedness and I would add to it respect and acceptance. I believe nudists respect and accept others point of view more, as long as others respect and accept theirs. If people were more respectful and accepting of differences, the world would be at peace. Keep up looking for your nudist soulmate, you deserve to find one.

    1. I think respect and acceptance is very important, and open mindedness to others thoughts snd opinions. What I have learned is people don’t always want to hear your opinion, but they want to hear their opinion coming out of your mouth. Some may not agree with our views and opinions, but they should still respect them as our choice. I don’t ridicule others if they think or believe different than me, but I’m probably too naive to think everyone has the same interest in diverse ideas as me. With willingness and open mindedness our lifestyle can spread and grow.

  3. Hi, I just loved the post : “dating a nudist I am a single man, created by a single lesbian nudist mom who made me to discover how woderfull being naked, used to be married by woman who never ever my nudism at home by my mom, and I’m still looking for a nudist woman to live together nude. .
    I have open mind to live naked by a nude wife, and that is not easy to find a woman like that.
    Kind nude regards

    1. Thank you for your comment Wagner. I’m sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. It can be very hard to find someone who is willing to live, or at least try the nudist/clothes free life. Many people see it as wrong or shameful and it can take a lot to reteach someone with a lifelong way of thinking. I would recommend finding a woman who you connect at a deep level and have unbreakable trust with. Once you find that it can be much easier to educate them on what the naked life really means. Most importantly, don’t force it on someone or you will never get them to try.

  4. Nice post.
    I just found out how nice is being naked, as I am 55, single nudist, I would like to date a nudist woman,
    Being both naked at beach and home.

  5. Yes, it is difficult to find a partner that is into nudism. I’ve been lucky to have dated a few ladies that have gone to beaches, hot springs, and resorts with me. Dating in your 40s and being a nudist is difficult.

    1. Dating in your 40’s is a dumpster fire regardless of your state of dress choices, but it’s good you have found a few women who are at least willing to try different nude venues. A lot of women don’t even like looking at themselves in the mirror naked, much less be naked and vulnerable around other people. I’ve talked to a few people, but I don’t think I can dive into the dating scene anytime soon. I don’t envy you at all, but I do wish you the best of luck finding someone!!

  6. Amen. Since we have become empty-nesters, I have been taking every opportunity to be nude at home. My wife remains non-nudist, but not anti-nudist. (OK, she prefers I dress for dinner, mostly for hygiene reasons, so I do.) But as I tell her almost daily, “I am not unhappy clothed, but I am happier nude.” That’s the point!

    1. It’s great you have that open communication with her and that you respect each others wishes. To me, that is the best way promote the clothes free life, and to give each one a personal choice. Her choice is just as important as yours.

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