Good morning to you on this beautiful Mothers Day. I want to take a moment to wish all the wonderful mothers out there a happy and beautiful Mothers Day. I hope each of you get the pampering you deserve. I don’t think today will be that great of a day for me, sadly. I have strep throat and plan to just rest and catch up on my emails and stuff. The kids are still in bed, so I’m going to take this time to write a quick post. I know many of you have noticed my missing in action status over the last couple of months..maybe longer, and I appreciate all the emails, tweets, DM’s, and other communications I have received since my hiatus started. I think I mentioned a few items in a previous post, but I have been taking some time to focus on me for a change. The world could have exploded and I wouldn’t have known about it. I still have quite a few emails to catch up on, so I haven’t forgotten about you if you emailed me. I don’t like to give half-baked responses, and prefer to wait until I can have a well thought out answer.

I don’t really have a nudist related topic to talk about this time. I believe I am over 200 blog posts behind on the ones I do follow, so I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Maybe something will spur some writing creativity for me. I can only hope. I have felt kind of meh and brain dead for a bit, so bear with me while I work on some topics to cover.

I have spent a lot of time in my head lately just pondering on different things, my current situation, kids, work, meeting new people, and making new friends. I do ok with being by myself, but sometimes I get anxious with even the fleeting thought of getting back into a relationship anytime soon. I mean, I know some people thrive when they have a significant other to help and support them, but I can’t help but have the feeling of being held back sometimes. Maybe that’s because I have to some degree in my life. Can’t decide if that is my own fault or that of someone else…I’m sure it’s my fault to say the least. Plus, I just don’t want to have to worry about anyone.

Also, while I have been away from much social interaction, I started taking a web development course on Udemy to help me better understand html, css, and the inner workings of websites. Up next is JavaScript but I have been putting that off a bit. I’m sure it’s not that hard to learn and I see many women developers online. I just haven’t put forth the effort yet. I will though. Given how things are moving to web and mobile applications, it would be good to learn and understand. At the very least it could help me to make my blog better.

I think another endeavor I need to embark on is cleaning up my Twitter account. I have like 87,000 followers and I have no idea who is real, bots, porn, or other non-nudist related groupies. I don’t mind and actually encourage non-nudists to follow, but it seems some “nudists” are retweeting suspect pictures and content from people who are more adult oriented. I mean, I don’t shame anyone for what they are doing, and I encourage people to explore what makes them happy, their body, and any sexual kinks they are into. I think the sage is starting to set in and I just don’t want to see that stuff flowing through my feed. I have muted, blocked, and unfollowed a lot of people because of it. I think the more I am naked the more of a purist I become when it comes to my naturism. Plus, it’s just overwhelming. I have thought about just deleting my twitter account altogether, but I get a lot of traffic from there and all the blog websites say to promote using social media. I don’t use Facebook or any of it’s companies, so it’s just Twitter for me. Oh, I’ve started perusing reddit some, so I have gotten some traffic from there too. It’s a lot of work to promote!! Anyway, I wrote a tweet the other day saying I’m thinking about making my Twitter account private for a bit. I will do this so I can clean up my follower list and prevent other bots from following me.

Oh yeah, part of the reason why I have been MIA for a bit is my computer crashed on me. It was a cheap computer I got for my daughter to use while doing school from home, but I ended up having to buy her a new one because this one didn’t have good wifi or sound/microphone. I took the cheap one so I could use it to help with my writing and personal business. I got tired of using my phone and iPad. There is only so much you can do on those devices. So, after much thought, research, and talking to my friends on Twitter I ended up treating myself to a new MacBook. Everyone kept telling me it was worth the money and I’d be able to use it for years. I had a few extra dollars from my generous followers and I used what was left over to help with the purchase. While doing research I discovered I can easily connect to my server using the Mac terminal, and the Mac has so many options for content creators. So I think it will help me in the long run for blogging and similar content. So, those of you who have donated a few dollars here and there, I greatly appreciate it because you have helped me out TREMENDOUSLY!!

I know this is just a rambling post, but I wanted to give you all an update on where I was and what I was doing. I look forward to catching up and getting more blogs posted in the near future. For now, I’m going to dig into my backlog of emails and respond to you wonderful people.

Have a happy and wonderful mothers day. Call your mom, grandmother, aunt, and any other lady who was like a mother to you, and wish them the best mothers day today. It’s about 9:00 here, so I’m going to call my mom and chat her up a bit before. I jump into your emails.

With love and nakedness,


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  1. Twitter can get toxic if you aren’t very selective about who follows you and who you follow. I curate my followers very closely to keep it from getting negative. Almost every twitter follower is also a blog follower too, so there’s not much gained from it. .

    Where i do get a lot of traffic from is r/nudism on Reddit. When I do a blog post related to nudity I share it here and suddenly my blog’s views double or triple. It is a moderated forum so there aren’t as many crazies. I don’t visit unmoderated forums much because they tend to spiral out of control with endless posts about erections and pubic hair and people who are looking for a sexual connection.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!

    1. I’ve made couple of posts on Reddit from an old account, but I need to make a new one for my blog. I don’t get a ton of traffic from Twitter considering the follower base, but I think most of that is bots and BS. It’s so…daunting.

      1. I feel your pain. All I can suggest is to be very selective in who you follow and in who you allow to follow you. It feels like bots and bs and whack jobs are most of the internet.

  2. Hey Alexis,

    great to hear from you. yes, maintaining and promoting a blog is a lot of work. But hey, take it easy and do what you love. I have the same philosophy about followers on twitter, live and let live. Good choice on the Mac, the best “PC” that is. Enjoy the day, spring and stay naked!

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