You’re probably wondering how anyone can get high on living the naked life. Well, I don’t know if one can truly get high just by being naked. I know when I’m naked there is a change in my mood that can almost be euphoric when coupled with being outside. There is just something about it and I’m sure many of you can agree. However, today I am actually talking about being high while being naked.

The Genesis

I have to be honest and confess that I have never used, tried, or had anything to do with any illicit drug. They always terrified me when I was younger and I didn’t want anything to do with it. I had an uncle, mothers brother, who spent time in and out of jail as a result of severe alcoholism. Also, my dad was very bad at abusing prescription drugs for anxiety and pain. Thankfully, my dad wasn’t an addict, that I could tell, but he certainly liked to get high off them. Watching these two downward spiral invoked enough fear that I wanted nothing to do with it. Sadly, neither one of them are with us any longer.

For most of my working career I have held jobs that required drug testing, so that is another reason why I never touched illegal substances. I could have been drug tested at any moment without warning. Currently, I am in a job that does not require drug testing and while we were in Jamaica I decided that You Only Live Once (YOLO). Mike and I talked about it briefly and thought, why not? When in Rome…I mean Jamaica, do as the Jamaican’s do. Get high while living life naked.

After watching an older lady I mentioned in my Couples: Negril and how she just didn’t care, Mike and I waved at one of the beach “vendors” and asked him if he was Brownie Bob. Of course, this fool said he was, but I’m sure all of them were named Brownie Bob if asked. They just want to make a sale to the foreigners. Regardless, we still approached him and ask him about the brownies. We had been told the brownies there were good, but we didn’t know how good they were…potency wise. After negotiating the price down while he was staring at my tits, we finally were able to get two brownies for about $40

Truly High On The Naked Life

When I say the brownies were good I wasn’t talking about the taste. Holy cow did they taste awful. We basically had to force ourselves to eat dirt. At least that was what it tasted like to me. Thankfully, the bar was just 25 feet (8 meters for my metric crowd) and the drinks were endless. We were laying there in the overcast weather relaxing and talking, and the next thing I know Mike is face down snoring. This fool was face down, ass up, out cold. I reached over and poked him and all I got in return was a deep grunt. His metabolism must be fairly high, because I had yet to feel anything.

While this lightweight was out cold, I was just sitting there enjoying the breeze on my body and capturing the beautiful sights around me. Before too long, I felt like I was in something similar to the movie Inception. My entire cognitive mind felt like it folding in on itself, and every time my field of view changed, it was like a new dream taking place. Almost like multiple realities converging on one another. It was a real what the fuck moment. I just kept looking around at everyone but I was not really taking anything in. I basically existed.

Mike was out for the count. I think by this time, sometime early-to-mid afternoon, he had been out since before lunch. I was able to walk up to the grill area, but I didn’t remember what I had ordered. There was a lady cooking on the grill and another lady covered in tattoos beside of me. The food from the grill was okay but no where near as good as the restaurants or the main dining area. It was worth it so I could stay naked, and, to be honest, I don’t think I could have gotten dressed at this point.

Calling It A Day

Around 3:00 PM, I think, an older gentleman stopped on his way back from the tiki bar. He could obviously see we were absolutely toast, and warned us the sun is much stronger than we think behind the clouds. In my thousand yard stare I just replied we were about to move under the shade tree. We sat under the tree for about 20 minutes when Mike said he was hungry and wanted to get dressed for dinner. Keep in mind I am still flying high as a kite. I dressed myself as best as I could with a cover-up and we left. By this time my stomach started aching really bad. Nausea took over and I laid down for a bit.

We showered and went to dinner at 5:00 PM. I don’t remember what they had or what I ordered. I still felt sick and high. Needless to say dinner was a bust and we ended up going back to the room. By 5:45 I was naked and face down in the bed. I woke up at 6:00 AM feeling much better, refreshed, and no longer high or with stomach pains. I don’t know what all was in that brownie, but I vowed to never do that again. Later I found out through a friend that edible weed can cause a lot of gut issues for some people. Lucky me.

The Real Deal

Let’s fast forward a few months. I have a hard time sleeping most nights and I usually take some melatonin, wine, or both. I love drinking my wine, especially a sweet red blend. My favorite is Ménage à Trois Dolce Sweet Red Blend. If you love a sweet red wine with a smooth flavor, then you MUST try this. I have to admit there have been some nights when I put down a half bottle or more. This helps me to settle down each night and prepare for bed. The best part is it doesn’t hurt my stomach, so it’s a win-win for me. However, the wine is so dense in calories that I gained a lot of weight, and I blame the wine for that. I needed something different.

I have been taking some of the THC Gummies and they help some for sleep, but I wanted to try something with a little more potency. A friend of mine said I needed to go straight to the source. My friend has someone who supplies her with high quality marijuana and she felt I would like it. After debating it back and forth I decided to give it a try. It certainly can’t be worse than Brownie Bob’s supplier. I met her one afternoon in a grocery store parking lot for the drop. She gave me some one hit things so I could pack it in and smoke it like a cigarette.

High and Naked…Again

Okay, so the heading may be a bit misleading. After our kids were off to the other parents house, Mike and I came home to make dinner. We had just gotten a new grill and we were excited to grill some steaks on it. Unfortunately, the trees and vegetation in the yard has not grown up yet, so you can still see the back deck from the road. We had to wait to get naked. However, we each had a half bottle of our favorite wine and packed our one hitters with MJ. Neither of us have never done this before, so I’m sure we looked like a couple of fools trying this out.

We finished smoking what little bit of weed we had and drank our wine at dinner. After cleaning up we decided to shower and just lay on the couch naked to watch TV. By the time we made it to the shower, we were feeling pretty good and we both had the giggles. The one thing we share together is an amazing sense of humor. Our childish sense of humor with wine and weed was a complete clown show for us. I’m a little disappointed because I told Mike I wanted to record us. I told him this would be amazing content to create! Sadly, we never set anything up so we could.

Not Looking To Get High

Although getting high and being stupid is a lot of fun and brings out a tremendous amount of silliness, I don’t really want it to be a consistent thing we do. My primary concern is finding a way to relax, let go of my anxieties, and actually be able to sleep. There are some nights I go to sleep at 9:30 or 10:00 and sleep until 7:00 or 8:00 the next morning. Unfortunately, those nights are seem to get fewer and fewer. Most of the time I am in bed by 10:00, but wake up around 3:30 or 4:00 and can’t go back to sleep. More often than not I am getting up sooner than that. I woke up at 1:00 AM Thursday morning and eventually left work early.

The older I get the more of a problem this becomes. I’m not sure what is causing it. Maybe I have too much on my plate with life, school, and work, or maybe it the stress and uncertainty from my ex. Could be a combination of it all. I don’t know what would be worse, taking prescription medicine to help me sleep, or using another substance to help me relax and sleep. I hate taking medicine, so right now it will either be a form of THC or actual marijuana.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts and insight on this. What helps you?

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  1. The first time I got high we were all nude on the beach at Sandy Hook with the usual weekend crowd. This was a long time ago in my late 20s. We decided to visit “The Stoners” down the beach and make nice with them. In return they passed the Dutchie around and I got HAMMERED. The last I was seen I was stumbling down the beach with a raging hard-on and plopped down to take a nap. When I returned they all kept asking me “What’s UP?” with a certain emphasis on UP and when I looked puzzled they explained my predicament to me. So I learned that weed has that effect on guys.

    These days I understand why the playful young ladies at the nude drum circle like to offer me a hit of their weed. I guess they learned, too.

    1. Ha, ha, ha. I’ve never heard of the magic herb doing that, but I guess it affects people in different ways! I didn’t have a single frisky cell in my body when I did it. There was either A LOT of MJ in there, or it was laced with something else. It was all I could do to cover up enough to walk across the textile beach. I’m certain there were some slips along the way. lol

  2. Ha, appreciate you sharing this story! Brave adventurers eating whatever Brownie Bob had to offer, glad that worked out well enough in the end!

    In reference to your question, Nikki has had similar sleep troubles for many years (melatonin is a nightly fixture, though not sure it does much on its own any more–and alcohol used to help her fall asleep, but not really stay asleep). I’m pretty averse to taking anything regularly that could form a habit or reduce effectiveness, and I (Justin) don’t drink alcohol any more, but we’ve both found some great success in THC for this purpose. Nikki almost exclusively uses it at night before bed, pretty much every single night, and she prefers to smoke a small amount of herb in a dry herb vaporizer (this feels like a healthier way to consume it without messing with the dosing or digestion process that often makes edibles inconsistent). I usually take two hits when she is having hers for the night and that definitely is a huge help for my sleep. It also usually makes whatever we’re watching on Netflix or TV more entertaining! We have found some gummies that we like, but those are usually used for convenience in lieu of the herb when travelling as they are easier to transport and conceal.

    In terms of recreational usage beyond a sleep aid, I am inclined to agree with you. I was 29 years old before I ever tried THC for the first time and it’s not something that I make a habit of using often on a recreational basis, however, it has been something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed (especially since I don’t drink alcohol any more) whenever I know I’m going to be parked somewhere for awhile with no major responsibilities (such as hanging out with friends in the hot tub or at the beach). There’s something about just chilling out (hopefully naked and in nature of some sort, with or without the company of some good friends) that can be really gratifying, peaceful, and relaxing.

    We are far from experts on this topic, but best wishes with this and please feel free to be in touch any time!

    1. Sleep has been an issue for me for the last 10 or so years, and the older I get the harder time I have. Once I sleep about 4 hours, I can pretty much get up and start going. It’s very frustrating to wake up at 2 after barely 4 hours sleep, though. I very much want to go back to sleep, but my mind starts working I it’s off and running.

      I think using it for relaxation is the best way to go rather than consistent recreational use, but I don’t think I will worry too much if I do more than a relaxation amount occasionally.

  3. I have been lucky to get more than 3 or 4 hours sleep for the last 20 years due to young children, and my job starting between 1 and 3am.
    I quit that job back in November, after 20 years of doing those hours, my body won’t let me adjust back to being normal. Even though I don’t have to get up, I just can’t sleep.
    I also don’t like drugs, so I have been trying Tart Cherry tablets from the health store. They have been helping me sleep a little bit better, I’d recommend trying them. Probably a bit cheaper than the THC or MJ too.

    1. That is hard to do. I remember working the night shift at a manufacturing plant while going to school. I was miserable every day for nearly 8 years working 11 PM to 7 AM. Those shifts are very hard and I am glad neither of us have to work that anymore. I will certainly check your recommendation and see if it may work for me. Wine does good but like @NudeLeaseOnLife’s wife, it doesn’t help me to stay asleep for the whole night. So far, a small amount of the wacky herb does the best for me. I certainly prefer something not so potent though.

  4. Long ago I watched marijuana ruin a good friend’s career, and marriage so I just stay away from it.

    About sleep: I’m a night person and left to myself will go to sleep about 4:00 AM and get up about noon. That doesn’t work the best for my marriage or leading a normal life so I started using melatonin years ago. What’s worked well for me is a 1mg tablet about an hour before bed and then a half of a tablet at bedtime. That usually puts me out for about 7 hours of decent sleep.

    1. Hi Chuck,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I am very sorry about your friend and their situation. I have never seen anyone’s life ruined due to marijuana, but I have watch family members lives be ruined by alcohol and prescription drugs. My father had a bad issue with prescription drugs and gambling. I think anything can become addictive and ruin our lives if we allow it. Like all things, the key is moderation and self-control. I started to crave wine about everyday due to the stresses of life, psychopathic ex, work, and school, so I knew I needed to changes something. I have started doing more self-care, relaxation, and have 1-2 hits or MJ twice a month when the kids aren’t here. My doctor told me to take melatonin to help with sleep and it seems to help some. At least I can sleep from about 9:30 PM to around 5:00 AM each day. I’ll take the wins.

      I’m glad you are able to live a more normal life and get sleep at night. One thing that helps us stay close is going to bed togther every night. This is our time to focus on us, talk about a few things, and be more intimate. I think it’s understated the importance of building and maintaining closeness with your partner. Hopefully you will continue to do well!!

Let me know your thoughts on this!