Mike and I have been talking about how to move forward with my blog, and through his unending support we have decided to work on things together. We are even considering posting couples pics together, which is a huge deal for us to actually take and post pics. Also, we have revived my dormant Instagram account, made a Reddit account, and a Tumblr account. Our hope is to start incorporating this into the overall brand of Sensual Nudist. Through his support and council, I have decided to maintain this blog and expand my presence. So, welcome to sensual nudist, Mike, and thank you for being the best partner I could ask for.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the Future of Sensual Nudist, and I wasn’t sure which way I wanted to take my blog. So, as we work to expand the sensual nudist brand and become more productive in this adventure, we are looking for support from each of you regarding ideas and how we can make content better for you. All we want to do is have fun and continue building a very close relationship with each other and my amazing followers.

We are about to go to a Super Bowl party, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet and not write too much. In a couple of weeks I will need to migrate everything to a new, improve server and we will continue to keep you updated on what’s happening. I am thankful I will not be pursuing this alone anymore, and Mike is willing to move both he and I out of our comfort zone. I think our trip to Couples Negril has brought out the free naked man in himself!

Stay Naked and Go Chiefs!

Also, if you enjoy the content I create and I have helped you in someway, please consider a small donation to help cover the cost of hosting, new equipment, and new trips to create content for you!

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    1. Thank you for the warm welcome for him. He’s excited to help out and support me. He’s encouraging me to be a bit more open which is hard for me, but it’s a good step to push me outside of my comfort zone. 😬

Let me know your thoughts on this!