In December, Mike and I took a trip to Couples Negril in Jamaica. Not only is it a wonderfully romantic and nude friendly getaway, but the staff and food were amazing. Their first priority is the comfort and relaxation of their guests, and the resort doesn’t want you to lift a finger to do anything. I told Mike I was ready to get food, a drink, and get naked. My relaxation starts now.

Evening on the Beach

After the nice young gentleman escorted us and our luggage to our room, he said Welcome Home and to relax during our stay. We grabbed our room keys and headed down to the grill for some snacks. It wasn’t time for dinner yet, but we were starving and needed to eat something. After that we grabbed a couple of drinks from the bar and sat on the textile beach to watch the sunset. Sadly, the Au Naturel beach was closed for the evening and the wind was too cold for bare buns anyway.

After a few minutes of soaking in the vibes, we decided to get up and walk a bit down the beach. Naturally, I led us toward the nude beach. I wanted to check out the beach, shade, and scope out a place to park my Snow White but the next day. Although it was dark out, the security hut light gave us enough light to see a bit. We giggled a bit from being excited and I said things where I’ll be for the next few days.

Mike and I were exhausted so we decided to go back to our room. We both needed a shower and bed since we had been up since 3:00 AM. It was a long day of travel.

Relaxation Starts

Couples Negril Textile Beach Bar

We woke up kind of early the next morning and we felt famished. The snacks from the night before did not hold through the night. We quickly threw on clothes and headed to the main restaurant where they had a huge spread of food. If you left there hungry it was your fault! We ordered fresh omelettes, grabbed some fruit, and went to be seated by the hostess. The staff were very attentive, brought coffee and juice promptly, and asked if there was anything we wanted. Mike looked at me and asked if I was ready to give this nude beach a try. Umm…yes. Let’s go.

Au Naturel

Although I’m fairly comfortable being naked, it’s been a long time since I was naked in a social setting. I think the last time was in the fall of 2010. This was when I visited a small club in Florida. As we walked across the beach we grabbed a couple of towels from the hut. This hut was on the textile beach but on the way to the Au Naturel beach.

We made it to the entrance and were greeted by signs (header photo) stating only couples and we had to be nude. No exceptions. This gave me relief knowing everyone was naked. There were no worries of gawkers and on lookers. We proceeded through the hedges blocking the visible sight of the beach.

Everyone’s Naked!!

Walking in we immediately saw a couple older than us talking to a gentleman. Mike whispered to me “oh, good lord, there’s a lot of naked people”. I laughed and said “I know, and it’s wonderful”. We looked around to see where we wanted to park ourselves. I wanted to be close to the trees so we could move into the shade if the sun were to get too hot. I led us down one of the aisles until I found a nice spot.

The spot I chose just happens to be near the people who were standing around chatting. Mike looked at me and said “you first”. I obliged and quickly stripped and stood there for a moment taking in the sun and breeze on my skin. It was exhilarating and my mood instantly changed to euphoric high. I had been waiting for this moment for over a year.

Friendly People

After we settled in and sat down on our seats, Mike looked over at me and said “if someone talks to me I’ll die”. I laughed at his ridiculousness. It wasn’t five minutes later when a gentleman said something to us. I don’t remember the exact words but it was some kind of pleasantry. He and his wife were just being friendly. I responded and we had a short chat before returning to our respected spots.

Mike looked at me and was like you don’t talk to anyone, but you’ll talk to complete strangers naked? All I said was yep and smiled. Within a couple of minutes of being naked I was doing better and more relaxed than I had been in a long time. Words don’t do justice of describing the positive experience this has on me.

No Reason to Put Clothes On

Personally, one of the things I enjoyed the most about Couples Negril is you didn’t have to leave the Au Naturel beach for anything. There’s bar with a dedicated bartender there from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM when the beach officially closes. The bar is equipped with a number of beers, wine, mixed drinks, and shots. The bar is not equipped to make any drink, but there is a menu with a large number of island drinks. I started from top and worked my way down.

Additionally, the resort ‘caters’ lunch to the beach for guests who choose not to get dressed for the main restaurant. These meals are typical items you get from a grill. Hamburgers, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, toppings, and a few side items. Certainly not as robust as the main restaurant, but that is the price you pay to be nude. The grilled food was good, but we knew the main restaurant was worth putting clothes on for.

Drinking all those sweet island cocktails eventually make their way through, so the beach has a semi-private bathroom on the beach as well. The bathroom itself is a private, unisex with a toilet and a sink, but it’s not totally surrounded for privacy to walk up to it naked. Next to the nude beach are guest rooms and when you walk up to the restroom you can see down the first floor corridor. I didn’t see this as much of a problem since the only people you really saw were hotel cleaning staff.

Bloody Bay Couples Negril Nude Beach

Beach Walkers

One thing to be aware of is this is still a public beach area and there are resorts on either side of Couples Negril. Just like any beach, there are people who like to walk along the waters edge up and down the beach. Many times you would get a number of onlookers who would stare up at the naked people. You would also see people coming from west side of the beach stop for a moment realizing they were walking across a nude portion of the beach. This didn’t stop many folks though. I chuckled a few times when parents or older siblings would cover or turn heads away so they didn’t see. More often than not people would get a quick eyeful and keep going.

The beach walkers were the one thing that kept me from venturing out into the water. I went out in it a couple of times, but I felt uncomfortable a bit when others would just look. If more of the nude people went into the water I would have felt better. It’s difficult when you feel like the center of attention. A private beach or resort is more ideal for me.

However, there was one lady who didn’t care and she would be right in the middle of the textiles and would interact with the local beach entrepreneurs (a.k.a. weed distributors, etc). Mike and I chuckled a bit and he said “she just doesn’t give a fuck”. She and her husband were older and at retirement age, so they really didn’t seem to care. I thought it was great!

Nude Hot Tub

The nude beach area has it’s own hot tub large enough to fit about 8-10 adults comfortably. Admittedly, I wish I had visited the hot tub before the last day of our stay. Although the temperatures were in the low 80’s, the winds made it a bit cool on the beach. Plus, I would have like to had more time in some water. We would have went to the main pool, but it was too cold and you had to wear a swimsuit.

The hot tub’s temperature is set at a perfect temperature for an overcast and windy day. I could have seen myself soaking in that water for a very long time. The water and scenery was so relaxing to me. If you visit there, please make sure you check it out before the last day, especially if it is a cool day.

Amazing Food!

The resort has a few selections to choose from for food. The grill is open 24/7 and has a limited number of items. It’s similar to the food brought in at the nude beach area. The biggest differences are fountain drinks, snack foods, and some chips with cheese. This is what we had the first night we were there.

The main restaurant is where the largest selection of food is at. They have everything from local fruits and dishes to pastries and common meats and veggies. There is a cooked to order grill as well where you can get a combination of the chef’s daily treats. My favorite part about the main restaurant is certainly the fresh local fruits. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits and it tasted like it had just been pulled from the tree!

One choice is a nice restaurant if you choose to have a date night with one another. We didn’t get a chance to visit this restaurant because it required reservations. The one night we could have dinner there it was closed due to a Jamaican food night. I assume all the staff were needed to help for the festival.

Finally, if you’re into the Asian cuisine, you won’t be disappointed with the onsite Asian restaurant. We ate here on the night we couldn’t get into the nicer restaurant. It was a very tasty choice with good portion sizes. I chose a beef…Mongolian beef I think…and I’m not even sure what Mike ordered. I’ve slept a bit since then, plus I may have had a few too many cocktails that day. haha.

Didn’t Want it to End

After doing nothing but eating, drinking, and laying nude on the beach, our time had finally come to depart and go home. Neither one of us wanted to leave this amazing place and the calmness it brought to us. Mike said he has never seen me this happy or relaxed. I couldn’t deny how being naked and seeing other naked people relaxed my mind, body, and soul.

There’s something about the psychology of not feeling like you have to compete with anyone when it comes to looks, body type, or even income status. When it comes to nudism you are all the same and that brings me happiness and peace. Women are allowed to be naked just as much as men, and there is no predetermined notion that anyone or any sex is better than the other. It’s truly a game changer in terms of mental health.

The Conversion

An unintended consequence of us going is how much Mike enjoyed the social nudity. He wasn’t one to strike up a conversation with someone naked, but he quickly became at ease with himself and with both of us being seen and seeing others naked. I think there was a little bit of apprehension and concern I would see someone hot and lust after them, but that was quickly lost when he discovered the true meaning of nude recreation.

We discussed our experience while at Couples Negril, and we both fell in love with the resort and the country of Jamaica. I asked Mike if we were going to come back, and he answered with a resounding yes. He said we need more places to go naked. Little does he know we have places here in the states that are within driving distance. One place is listed on my Bucket List For A Naked 2023. I didn’t make it last year, but I will this year.

My diabolical plan to expose him to nude recreation worked and he wants more. Just last night he said the nude beach ruined him and all he wants to do is lay around naked. I told him to come curl up on the couch with me and lets watch TV together…naked. (It worked…”evil laugh”)

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    1. I am very blessed to have found someone who tries to understand me and wants to spend as much time naked together as we can. It’s amazing how it affects my mood and overall mental health for the good.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. He was the nudist when we got together 20 years ago. I was scared at first, however, both the social aspect and daily living it has altered and improved every aspect of our relationship and our overall heath. The benefits are endless actually.

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