I am really looking forward to a bucket list for a naked 2023. I think it will be the best year I have had in a long time, and completing even a couple of my naked bucket list items will be a success. The pandemic and fallout has seemed to somewhat subside, well, at least in my neck of the woods, and things seem to be getting back to normal. Thankfully, business and professional development travel has resumed at work, too.

Actually, I started writing this when I was on my way back from Las Vegas in December after spending the week at an international conference but was not able to finish it. I haven’t been to Las Vegas in a long time, and it was very good to get out, see the magical allure of the city, and the best part was Mike went with me. He and I share the same professional certification and he was able to convince his employer to send him as well. Free business and leisure trip to Vegas! Kill two birds with one stone: 1) Get enough credits to re-certify. 2) Much needed get away with the person you love. I call that a win-win.

Taking this trip has me thinking, and while I sit here waiting to board my flight, I wanted to share what my travel/get-away thoughts are for the coming year. Spoiler alert…My goal is to push Mike a bit to go with me to some naked destinations.

Naked Hikes In North Carolina

The first item on my bucket list for a naked 2023 is a naked hike. North Carolina isn’t known for it’s plethora of naturist spots, there are a few gems out there where you can strip down to your birthday suit and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. One of my top destinations for the early part of 2023 is to go hiking through some of the national forest areas. The mountains in that area are just a few hours from where I grew up in East Tennessee, and it will be amazing to get back to them for hikes.

Mike and I have a week long trip planned in April to visit the the mountains of Western NC, and we will be staying in a secluded AirBnB. Looking at the area on Google Earth shows there are a lot of forest areas with creeks and mountain streams. Mike and I have agreed it would be fun to go on a naked hike and take pictures while visiting the streams. The water may be too cold to get into, but they will make a great back drop for some artistic nude shots. I’m so excited!

Hot Springs

Another place I am looking at is Hot Springs, NC. The town of Hot Springs is known for it’s naturally hot mineral baths, and people come from all over to use the hot spring water as a way to relax, recharge, aid in healing, and just to enjoy the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.

“when you touch the warm mineral water flowing freely from the earth in Hot Springs, North Carolina, you are experiencing first hand the warmth of the Mother Earth. Amazing! It is the ancient warmth that has lived inside the earth since it formed. Water percolates up through warm rock, collecting an abundance of healing minerals before emerging from the surface.”


I find this very interesting and intriguing, and I am all in for any kind of natural healing. There are a couple of resort areas with cabins to rent that have hot tubs filled with the natural spring water, and they are private enough to walk out naked.

Getting Naked At Resorts

If you have read my post My Walk Into A Nudist Life, you will remember that it’s been number of years since I have been to a club or resort. I’m want to do this again. This brings me to the second item on my bucket list for a naked 2023. Earlier last spring I did some research online and called around to a number of family nudist resorts in the south. My goal was to find somewhere that I could drive to since I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on travel costs. I’d prefer to use that money for extra days at the resort. This time though I don’t expect to go myself, but I will (well, would like to) be taking Mike with me.

The one place that caught my eye the most was White Tail Family Nudist Community in Igor, VA. This community seems to have everything I would want/need for a weekend or week-long stay. Lot of events, onsite restaurant, pools, and a generally friendly atmosphere. My short conversation with the owner was quite pleasant and he stated guests range from people in their 20’s all the way to retired folks, so I’m certain to find someone that I/we can befriend. Also, it’s within an hour drive of popular destinations like Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg…which I haven’t been to since 8th grade! My goal of this trip is to meet some new friends, enjoy time outside of my house naked, get Mike hooked on these types trips, and support a small business/resort.

Naked Vacation in Jamaica

In the fall of 2019, the ex and I had made plans to take a trip to Italy for our 20th anniversary in 2020, but as we all know COVID took the world by storm and seemed to forever change the way we travel. Sadly, we cancelled the trip. Thankfully, we were able to get our money back on everything but the plane tickets. They still had the flight, so it wasn’t cancelled, but because of COVID they allowed travelers to cancel and receive a credit on their account. Initially, the time limit was one year, then the end of 2021, then the end of 2022, and finally the end of 2023 is the hard stop deadline to use the credit for tickets.

A flight to Jamaica is pretty close to the value of my voucher, so my plan is to use my voucher to visit the Caribbean and mark off the third item on my bucket list for a naked 2023. I have never been to any of the Caribbean Islands and I wanted to visit because they are known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and a number of islands are more lax on nudity than others. After doing some research I decided that Jamaica would pretty much suit what I was looking for.

Couples Resort

Negril has a number of all-inclusive Couples resorts with either a clothing-optional area or a nudity required beach. I’ve never been to a couples resort or had the desire to even try one until now, and I am very excited to finally be able to venture out and experience some of these worldly destinations. Based on what I have read many couples return year after year. The plan is to go sometime between October and December after hurricane season. My preference is November but we will see. Either way I need to use my plane ticket before December 31, so I will be going somewhere!

Naked Adventures Outdoors

The final item on my bucket list for a naked 2023 is more outdoor adventures naked. I’ve never really been one to be overly adventurous when it comes to being naked, but a few weeks ago I tried something that I have never done before. Mike was scheduled to have surgery to have a plate removed from his ankle, and was going to need assistance for about a week because he had to stay off it.

He lives about an hour away from the surgery center, so I invited him to stay at my house the night before and while he was recovering. His kiddos were staying with a neighbor so they could be gotten off to school the next morning, and I drove over to get him since he wouldn’t be able to drive for two weeks. I grabbed my clothes and started to get dressed, but them a thought hit me…why do I need to get dressed?

My First Naked Drive

It was late in the evening and dark outside and I would be driving through the countryside with minimal lights and red lights. It was all two lane country roads. Well, I hopped in my car and set my cover-up next to me in the seat, and I proceeded to leave my house wearing nothing but a smile and my slippers. I drove the entire 35 minutes to his house without a care in the world and it was the most exhilarating thing I have done in a long time.

It was a very freeing feeling to experience it and I can’t wait for it to get warmer so I can ride with the windows down naked. When I got to Mike’s house I had to wait for him in the driveway while he drove back from his neighbors house, and when he pulled up he burst out laughing and just said “I love you so much”.

I got out of car and helped him gather his things and we left. We didn’t make it a mile down the road when he said “I feel like I should be naked too”. Of course, my reply was yes, I want you naked so you can experience this with me. By the time we made it a mile we were both naked and holding hands as I drove us back to my house. Needless to say we both agreed that we need to do it again, and given that we live far enough out from the major downtown areas it would be safe. I’m just four miles away from country roads and farm land, so there will be more driving naked and other outdoor naked adventures in our future.

Get naked, stay naked.


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  1. Wonderful story, I along with my gf have gone to two nudist resorts. We have loved our time in both, one had a few acres for hiking around the other had I don’t know how many acres for hiking, this one also included a trail that led to a small waterfall and into a stream or river. Hiking naked was great! I highly recommend it. We’ve been trying to plan and find local trails to hike nude. Plenty of trails…. Just not nude ones. We’re going to give it a try during off peak times… Mid week, while schools are still in and hopefully enjoy more nude time as a couple out in nature!

    1. This is great news to hear. We are looking forward to it and getting to spend time naked in nature. We will be going early in the week and through a weekend, so hopefully the off-peak time will be perfect. The last thing I want is to run into someone when will cause is trouble. Keep up your adventures and share your stories!

  2. “It was late in the evening and dark outside and I would be driving through the countryside with minimal lights and red lights.”

    It really doesn’t have to be late at night to drive naked. I drive naked a lot, and usually during the day. I stop at traffic lights in the queue, drive interstate highways, and drive through small towns. It really doesn’t matter. If I need to stop for gas I will select an end pump, put on a shirt, and stand up between my car and the pump to slip on some shorts. Then reverse it when leaving. In big parking lots like Walmart I remove my clothes, fold them and put them on the seat while standing on the passenger side of my car. Then I walk around to the driver side, get in, and drive away. It’s probably recorded on surveillance video but nobody watches that anyway, and nobody actually cares. You would be surprised how little people care.

    1. That is very true. It just happened to be later in the evening…like 8:00 PM, so there were still a lot of cars on the road. I live in/around a major metro area, so there’s always people around. I’m not opposed to driving naked during the day, and I will most likely ride naked on our trip to the mountains. It would be great to be naked when I leave and stay naked the whole time we’re away, including driving. I just don’t want to have someone cause trouble, but, like you said, most people probably don’t care. My luck is I would run into the old lady who takes a shower with a bathing suit on. Lol.

    2. Plus, people are so engrossed in their own worlds that few pay attention to their surroundings. I’ve done all the things you mentioned with zero problems and if people did see they simply didn’t care. I’ve made many business rode trips nude. The wife and I have driven both ways to our nude resort nude, it just feels great.

      1. I agree with this. I think even if you drove around during the day, most people are too engrossed in what’s on their phone or radio to even care. It would be my luck that I get some large truck next to me with people staring or taking pictures.

  3. Your story reminded me of a trip I took into a rural African country for a client. I am an investigative photographer and was hired to take photo evidence of water damage to a water pump network on various spots in a river and two farm dams as part of a pending insurance claim. The place was way out of civilization with fast dirt roads to travel on. I would past some rural villages from time to time, and the closer I got to my destination, the less people I encounter. It was a hot day and I had to stop to pee. When I finished, I had this mad idea to take off my clothes and drive naked for the rest of the trip. I was about two kilometers away when a local girl was walking in the same direction that I was travelling towards. She stopped and waved me down for a lift. In the area I was, traffic was almost nonexistent, and I decided to stop and pick her up – but I was naked. She smiled when I stopped and ask for a lift. I agreed and she got in with her bag. As she sat down, she realized that I was naked. I pulled off and she was very shy and looked out the side window, not to look at me. I asked her where she was going, and she told me to the last village on this road before you get to the big river where I was heading. It so happened that she knew the area well and I asked her to help me find the four places and the two dams that I was looking for. The people staying in the area were very poor, so I offered to pay her for her services to guide me. Soon we were talking more, and I explained to her what I do and why I had this stupid idea to get naked. She smiled and asked if I can stop for a moment as she need to have a body break. I thought this is where she will get out and ran away – I decided that if she do, I will just carry on by myself not to be seen as a pervert or some weirdo that this poor girl was not used to. She got out, lifted her dress over her head and climbed back into my vehicle. She was naked underneath her dress. She smiled and told me that they walk naked most of the time during the hot season. I was now the confused one. We travelled past her village with about eight small hut type houses. She asked me not to stop and to just carry on. Long story short, I could finish my work with a naked guide who taught me a lot about the veld around and how to get food from nature. We still had to find the last dam, but it was getting dark, so I decided to stop and set up camp for the night. My rooftop tent had space for two or three people, and we slept naked together that night. The next morning, we stayed naked and drove to the dam that was not very far from where we slept the night. I finished my work and took the road back. I stopped at this girl’s village and paid her as promised. She got out without getting dressed. My vehicle must have alerted the villagers and soon I was surrounded by about seven naked villagers. They had big smiles when they saw I was naked too. I was ready to leave, but my guide told me to come in for lunch with her family. I was the only white person inside a hut surrounded by naked or half naked indigenous village people. The lunch was minimal but filling. I left soon after. What a naked experience it was. I was told to go back there in two months for a follow up – who knows what I will find then.

    1. Wow! This has to be one of the most heartwarming stories I have heard in a long time! I’ve never been to Africa myself, but I have had former co-workers who have visited there, and they have mentioned how hot it is. I can’t blame you for wanting to take advantage of the remote countryside to free yourself of sweaty clothes. I think the best part is you just happened to pick up a stranger along the way where nudity is a way of life there. I remember watching National Geographic as a child with my dad, and he would watch the documentaries on indigenous tribes throughout the world. What is surprising to me is a lot of them don’t see the human body as naked, but more of a way of life for comfort and survival. I love how the local village people brought you in and treated you as one of their own, and how they lived naked and unashamed during the hot season. Who knows, maybe more often than that. I am very curious to know where this is at and would like to read more on it. Also, do you have an online gallery or be willing to share some of the photos of the country you were in? I look forward to hearing more about this story and any other adventures where you find people living naked as a way of life!

    1. Thanks Marc. I admit that I haven’t been keeping up with the news of the naked lately, but I will certainly catch up on this post and others. Since things have started to settle down for me some, I will be taking more time to read and do some writing. I have a lot of ideas for blog topics and look forward to putting it “on paper”, especially any new naked adventures.

  4. Kudos to you on the nude driving! I have done it many a time (even during the day) and it is great. I have also been to White Tail Resort near Ivor, VA. It is a very nice place and would like to visit again. Best of luck with getting out to a nude beach in the Caribbean. I suggest Orient Beach on St. Maarten. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Frank. I am really looking forward to going and meeting new people. It’s been a long time since I have visited a resort/club, and now that I have the freedom to and COVID is reaching endemic status, it will be much easier. Who knows, maybe I will drive all, or at least part, of the way there naked. I have looked at Orient Beach, but they appear to be “closed” due to the major hurricanes over the past few years…or maybe that is Club Orient. Either way, I would like to try their beach out as well.

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