Good morning to all my nude friends and aspiring nudies. April had quite the start with me but it’s all been for the good. One of the best parts of it was my naked week in the mountains! It was absolutely amazing and well overdue for me to get out of town for a while. One of my most recent posts talks about my Bucket List For A Naked 2023, and the very first thing I listed was to hike naked in the mountains. While we weren’t really able to get a lot of naked hikes in (there were a lot of people on the trails), we were able to spend a lot of time naked, laying in the sun, and just relaxing in a mountain cabin. We were able to get a lot of great pictures too!

Relaxation Was The Goal

The primary goal for Mike and I was to relax and spend as much time naked as we could. We planned ahead and stopped by a grocery store on our way in so we didn’t have to leave much. We had a couple of planned trips into town, but they were to visit Grandfather Mountain and to go out to dinner for Mikes birthday. The rest of the time we spent relaxing and hiking naked as much as we could. I feel that goal was more than achieved. Neither one of us wanted to come back to reality.

Naked Day One: Tuesday

We arrived in the early afternoon and it was a beautiful spring day with the right temperature in the mid 60’s. After driving through Boone, NC we made our way through Valle Crucis (“Valley of the Cross”) and stopped by one of the Mast General Store’s. We stocked up on a few sweets and picked up a couple of water bottles for our hikes since neither one of us had good ones to hike with. The Mast General Store was actually founded in Valle Crucis and worth the visit should you ever make it to this part of the world.

Our next stop would be our secluded cabin! After we arrived and settled into our home for the week, we sat outside for a few minutes while Mike waited for a call from the doctor. He has had a lingering cough for a couple of weeks and needed some prescription cough medicine to help him sleep. After the call with the doctor we were going to ride into Banner Elk for him to pick up the prescription, but I was told to stay there and relax. The trip to the pharmacy was only about 15 minutes down the mountain. I agreed without hesitation.

Time To Get Naked

I looked around the property and could see some houses in the distance across the hills, but they were about a half-mile away. While you could see homes and properties, you really could not see our cabin since it was higher up. The sun felt warm so I decided to go inside to strip naked and grab my Macbook. I pulled up a chair from the patio table and sat there so the the sun could warm my naked body and I could enjoy the mountain breeze hugging my skin. It’s amazing how much my mood had changed, how relaxed I became, and a shift in my overall happiness. The only sad part was the sun was going down and I had to keep chasing it to stay warm.

I told Mike I was not getting dressed until we left for our hike on Wednesday afternoon. He said that was okay because he liked for me to be naked and he decided to join me as well. We sat on the couch and he watched TV while I worked on my Mac. We made an easy dinner of chicken salad croissants with fruit, and we laid on the couch for the rest of the evening until time to go to bed.

Naked Day Two: Wednesday

Upon waking up on Wednesday I could feel the different mountain pollen’s starting to take hold on me. This happens anytime I travel to somewhere different. However, my allergic reactions could not stop me from enjoying my naked week in the mountains! After a rough couple of years there’s no way a few sniffles and a minor headache could stop me! I’m usually an early riser and woke up before Mike. I made a pot of coffee and went out on the deck to see if it was warm enough to sit.

Although the temperature was a brisk 55 degrees, the sun was really warm with no breeze. I made my cup of coffee and grabbed my towel to sit on. By the time the temperature raised to 60 I started to get hot and even sweat! I sat there in the chair soaking up the sun rays and engulfing myself in the beauty around me. The birds chirped a sweet spring song and there was not another sound to be heard. The peacefulness was overwhelming!

Naked Mountain Retreat

After Mike woke up he came outside to sit with me. We laid in the sun and just talked about how amazing it would be to have a nice piece of land with a cabin. Somewhere we could visit a few times a year and even use it as an AirBnB to make money. It will most certainly be secluded and in the national forest so it is nudist friendly. We are still a few years out from that, but I plan to have at least land within 5 years. My dream is to have something that is self sustaining and mostly off the grid. Solar power with a well and satellite internet would be ideal for me. We would probably need a natural gas tank for heat though.

This area is perfect being nestled in the middle of the Pisgah National Forest. While there are a lot of private lands, those lands are under federal protection by the National Park Service. This would be an ideal spot for opening a naked retreat with private hiking trails. Ideally, I would like to find a place that had some kind of creek or even a waterfall for a naked bath! Long hikes deserve a refreshing dip in mother natures natural setting!

The First Hike

Early in the afternoon we decided to get our hiking gear together and begin our nature walk. The owner of the AirBnB messaged and mentioned a number of lightly traveled hiking trails nearby. We could have either driven or walked. We decided to just walk since it was so nice out and hiking was our goal. The short walk was nice, but we ended up missing the trailhead. Nestled up in the mountains sat a Christian retreat for the Episcopal Church. We followed the directions and walked up the dirt road to find the trailhead. This little excursion led us almost to the top of the mountain before we realized it’s the wrong trail.

Mike reread the message from the host and we saw how clear we misread it. Back down the mountain we go after a good 1 mile (1.6 KM) warm-up. It wasn’t too bad because we were on a trail, but there were a few spots we had to help each other get up.

On The Right Trail

Once we made it back down we noticed there was a green sign showing the trail head to the waterfalls. We laughed at ourselves and headed down the mountain this time. The trail we walked down is very well defined and appeared to be some kind of off-road trail for dirt bikes and four wheeler’s. Much wider and easier to walk on.

We continued walking down the trail for a little bit before I looked back and realized we have to walk back up this same path. Neither of us are conditioned for this, so it was going to be difficult to get back up. For me, it was worth all the work because I wanted to see the waterfalls our host told us about. The hike down was very calm and serene for me. I enjoyed being in nature so much. I was a bit hesitant to hike naked since part of this trail was used by a church retreat presently attended. Otherwise I would have been hiking in my birthday suit the whole way.

We Made It

After about a mile and a half (2.4 km), we finally started to hear the waterfall sounds. Getting down to the waterfall was a bit more tricky than the trail we had been on. This one was clearly a mountain trail with a lot of rocks, tree roots, and other obstacles to overcome. As we got closer we could see a couple of men resting there from the hike. Not sure how long they had been there, but they clearly weren’t leaving anytime soon.

My hope was there wouldn’t be anyone here, and Mike and I could do some naked waterfall pics. While we waited and hoped they would leave, we relaxed and took a bunch of pictures of the waterfalls and the different views. After a short time, the two older gentleman started getting ready to leave. I was getting excited because I wanted to get some naked time in!

We watched as the two men faded out of sight, but just when we thought it was clear for us, a family was coming down the trail with their dogs. Being a little disappointed I rolled with it and we decided to wait this one out too. How long could they stay? We setup the tripod and camera and took a few shots of ourselves and the surroundings while we waited them out. After a short time they began to pack up and start their hike back up the mountain. Finally, we were going to have our chance! The tripod was setup and all we needed was about ten minutes of privacy! We had already taken our shoes off and were ready!

Leave Us Alone…

Disappointed, yet again. As the young family was hiking up the the stairs a couple of young men were coming down the side of the waterfall. They must have been climbing rather that using the trail. I looked at Mike and said “you’ve got to be kidding me”. By this time is was getting close to 5:00 PM (17:00) and we had to start heading back ourselves. Seeing as how we are both not in hiking shape, we knew it would be a bit of a struggle to get back to our cabin. I gave up and we started packing our stuff up.

The Return Hike

We weren’t even halfway up the trail from the waterfall when I had to stop and take a break. Going up the trail and climbing over obstacles was even harder than I expected. I thought to myself “this is going to take a while”. After about 30 minutes we made it back to the main trailhead. I had wondered where all those people were coming from, and once we got to the top there was another trial that connected.

Come to find out there were two trails leading to the falls. The second one was a shorter trail that led to a parking area just down the mountain a bit. People were parking and hiking up to the falls. Sadly, we had to go the other way…way back up. It was over a mile of straight up hill with a lot of switchbacks.

Admittedly, we had to make a lot of stops and rest along the way. It was tiring but it gave us a chance to soak in the joys of Mother Nature. Again, I wanted to try and get some naked time in, but I never knew who was going to be just around the bend. The church retreat had a number of little nooks reserved for certain activities. Plus, this time I did not have the energy to get dressed in a hurry. Haha.

An hour and a half later we made it back up to the main road. This was the same gravel road we started out on with the church retreat up on the hill to our left. We rejoiced a bit since our next leg of the hike was slightly down hill. After we made it back to the cabin we took our clothes off and rested.

Naked Day Three: Thursday

Today’s events followed a different path than we expected. Our original plan to visit Grandfather Mountain and hike some of their trails never came to fruition. After we woke up this morning, we felt so tired and sore there was no way we could attempt a 9 mile hike! I think my body would have given out on me! We still decided we wanted to visit Grandfather Mountain, but we greatly lowered our expectations for the day. Instead of a 9 mile hike, we chose to take it easy in the morning and go slow.

We started out our day with coffee and some time in the sun on the front porch. We could see some neighbors off in the distance, but we were far enough away to be safe. Honestly, neither one of us really cared either. We were there to enjoy our nakedness and nature together. The starting temperature for the day was low to mid 50’s (11 degrees Celsius), but the sun was bright and warm, so we did not feel cold. Actually, I started to sweat a bit just from the direct sunlight. It felt truly wonderful and the warmth from the sun helped my sore, achy muscles from yesterday’s hike!

Fun Time With Naked Pictures

Mike and I both enjoy the movie Masterminds with Zach Galifianakis. It’s one of those stupid comedies with a bunch of silliness in it. During the movie, the character played by Zach and his fiance had engagement pictures taken. These are not your typical engagement pictures, but ones clearly thought up as a way to be stupid. Well, I wanted to take naked pictures of us in nature, and since we both have a good sense of humor, we decided to reenact some of these shots. If you haven’t watched the movie, I suggest you do. At the very least look up the Masterminds engagement photos on your search engine.

Once we finished goofing off with those pictures, Mike said he had one more idea for a picture and said for me to wait right here. He needed a prop of some kind. Not having a clue what he had in his head, I sat there just enjoying the sun on my naked body. Next thing I know he is coming out of the cabin wearing a black unitard/leotard that has a black sleeve. He’s waving his hands in the air and dancing around like a fool. I bust out laughing as he is walking back up to me with his phone playing Beyonce. I asked him what in the world is going on? He danced around, shook is ass in this thong unitard and being utterly ridiculous.

Then It Happened…

I’m sitting there naked on a rock loving every second of his little performance when the music stops and he kneels down…Wha…Wha…What are you doing? He proceeds to give this speech I don’t even remember and he pulls out this gorgeous, custom made ring that we had talked about. With my jaw laying on the floor in shock, he sat there and finally said, well, will you marry me? I lost it. We both lost it. Both of our emotions lost control and, of course, how could I refuse such a performance in such a perfect place. Never would I have imagined I would have been proposed to while naked. I don’t know anything that could have topped this.

To Grandfather Mountain

After we had breakfast and called a bunch of people we knew to tell them the news, we decided to make the trip out to Grandfather Mountain anyway. The total trip there ended up being around 30 minutes and we took a few pictures along the way. I had never been to Grandfather Mountain park and looked forward to experiencing the views and attractions they had. After lunch at the cafe on the mountain, we ventured out to look at the animal habitats. The mountain has otters, bears, elk, bald eagles, and a few other animals they keep safe and for people to look at. One of the bears decided to be photogenic and entertained her audience.

After we viewed the animals, we hopped back in the car and drove up the mountain to the very top. At the top of the mountain are hiking trails, a gift shop, and the Mile High Swinging bridge, but the bridge was closed due to repairs and high winds. We stood at a little over 5,000 (1.6 km) feet above sea level. The views were fantastic and we had others take pics of us while boasting this beautiful engagement ring on my finger! Of course we had to tell everyone and they were happy for us. We bought a few things for the kiddos and decided to make our drive back to the cabin. My allergies were starting to go into overload and I wasn’t feeling well.

We Were Both Getting Sick

Although Mike had spoken to his doctor and gotten some cough medicine, the nighttime cough had kept us both awake the night before and we both needed relief. While the new cough medicine had helped, he had developed a sinus infection and needed an urgent care. For me, I was going into a major allergy overload. I was not used to the tree and grass pollen of Western North Carolina, and my head was going crazy. Rather than taking a night to have a date, we just relaxed at the cabin and Mike played on the PlayStation while I worked through my web design/development course on Udemy. We had a nice, relaxing evening, and we both went to bed early.

Naked Day Four and Five: Friday & Saturday

Friday our plan is to do absolutely nothing. We had a busy couple of days prior and we just wanted to relax some. Similar to every other morning, I made some coffee and went to soak up the morning sun on my naked body. The front of the cabin faced perfectly so the morning sun was directly hitting. I can’t express enough how the sun felt on my skin during the cool morning. By the end of our trip I was hooked and started to seriously look at the various properties within the area inside the Pisgah National Forest that had a lot of land.

Mike and I pretty much spent the day Friday doing what we did Thursday. We both played a bit on the PlayStation and I contined doing my thing on my Mac. I was beginning to feel worse and I didn’t have the motivation to do very much. It was nice to just disconnect from society and work for a while. We did make plans to go out during the evening for Mikes birthday and have a nice dinner at Outback steakhouse. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I wanted due to getting sicker. I was just so tired and looked foward to going to bed very soon.

Time To Go Home

Saturday came and it was time to go home. I did not feel any better after some rest and was actually getting worse. I ended up missing Monday and Tuesday at work as well. After making coffee and breakfast we packed up our stuff and waited until right at checkout time to leave. We hung on as long as we could. It seems neither of us were ready to come back to reality and the chaos that followed. We joked that we should just stay there and leave the kids with their other parent, but neither one of us could really live like that and we would miss the little devils.

This was a great trip for us to go on and our first real vacation together. Sure, we went to Las Vegas for a professional conference together in December, but that was anything but relaxing. We were both hurting by the time we left. The trip to the mountains gave us the recharge we needed and we have committed to making trips for ourselves a priority. There’s just so much going on in life that we need to balance the chaos and hustle with the serenity and time to reconnect. I hope each of you either do the same or will start doing it for yourself and/or your relationship.

Also, if you enjoy the content I create and I have helped you in someway, please consider a small donation to help cover the cost of hosting, new equipment, and new trips to create content for you!

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement and sorry that you were both under the weather. Hopefully on your next getaway the two of you will feel better and be able to get lots of nude photos in. Cheers!

  2. Such a great read, glad you had a wonderful time! Congratulations on your engagement and best wishes to you both!

  3. First off, even though I’m jumping into the post late, congratulations!

    My late wife and I used to go into the Hocking Hills area of south east Ohio for a long weekend vacation each October, when she always had a Friday off. We would get nude as soon as we got to the cabin that would be our home for the weekend. Pretty much all of the cabins in that area have hot tubs, which my wife loved.

    She passed away from a 3-1/2 year battle with cancer, just over a year ago. I miss those nakations with her! However, I really enjoyed reading you post, as it brought up MANY, MANY memories for me!

    Barefoot Rob

    1. I am very sorry to hear about your late wife. I know that must be incredibly hard for you. I’m sure activities you all did as a couple just don’t feel the same anymore. I’m glad my post brought back so many good memories for you, and having those memories she will live on forever in your soul. You can continue to honor her and her strength by doing what you all loved so much.

  4. I read this and know how wonderful a nude week in the mountains can be. I had a full week of vacation in the mountains and as soon as I arrived at the cabin the clothes were off. Only time I dressed was for trips into town for lunch. It was so relaxing to walk around and enjoy nature with no worries about clothing.

    1. We really enjoyed our trip to the mountains to be naked, and we have another planned this spring too. Neither of us can wait because our naked, free time is when we recharge and focus on each other. The intimacy is so deep and the connection is unbreakable. This is something we have planned dor every quarter of the year.

Let me know your thoughts on this!