A Little Background

I have always enjoyed being naked, and have went naked for as long as I can remember. My parents used to catch me sleeping naked or taking my clothes off before I ever started school. Maybe around 4-5 year old time frame. Maybe I was in school. That’s a thought for another day. I never really openly practiced nudism simply because I had no idea it even existed, and back then the internet hadn’t even gotten off the ground. So there was really no way to explore it beyond my concept of just being in the buff because I liked it. Unfortunately, I grew out of that during that stage in my life, and I’m going to blame general societal teachings for it.

Fast Forward Ten Years

By the time I had reached high school in 1994, the internet was just starting to grow in my small country town, and my first experience of the internet was at my school library. We had a computer lab with about 10-12 computers with about as much computing power as my college calculator. Regardless, it let you get the job done and research your topic. I remember it well. Yahoo! was THE website to go to and search the internet. While talking with some of my other chess nerds (yes, I was on the chess teams from middle through high school), they began to tell me you can find people naked on the internet. I was intrigued to say the least. Some of my guy friends were talking about Busty Dusty. Haha. Who knows if that site still exists. Anyway, as naive as I was, they said “yeah, just go to Yahoo! and search for Busty Dusty.” I didn’t think much of it. No one had given us any rules, and I wanted to see that other people liked being naked. I typed in the search term, and clicked on the link. Oh No! She was naked alright and certainly busty, but not what I was expecting. I had never seen a porn website before, and this was beyond my belief. I hadn’t been there 10 seconds and the librarian walks in the door. She was a tall slender woman with her hair wound tightly in a bun, and a stern, displeased look on her face. Reminds you of a hardcore prudish teacher from a 50’s TV show holding a ruler ready to smack you. Needless to say I went from Busty to Busted IMMEDIATELY. I had no idea how to escape, change sites, or even deny my involvement. She approached me as was like “what exactly are you looking for?” I can’t remember my exact excuse because it was more than 20 years ago, but it was something historical for a history research project we were working on. She was like “well, it’s not here”, and she proceeded to navigate me to something more…relevant. I was just thankful she didn’t turn me in because that wouldn’t have been good to have my parents called. 🙂

My Transition

After my run in with the school librarian I didn’t really venture much into the digital nudist world. Primary reasons are getting caught at school, and I didn’t have a computer or internet at my house. My parents divorced when I was about 10 and my mom worked two jobs just to pay the basic bills and keep us fed. Sometimes we went without, but that is a story for another day. When I was in my 11th grade year, my mom remarried and we we’re finally able to get some kind of internet. It was dial-up and super slow, but it was at least internet. I was finally able to search the internet and learn more about nudism and people being naked. At this time I learned that it’s an actual lifestyle for some, so I began experimenting more of the lifestyle when I was home alone. I had my sister and a step-brother still living at home in addition to a step-dad, so I didn’t feel it was appropriate to just go naked with others in the house.

When I was 18 I moved out and got my own apartment. This was the greatest thing ever for me! I would come home from work or school, and by the time I was shutting the door I was already half naked. I had never felt so free in my life. Everyday I was naked and the longer I went naked, the better I felt and the more my confidence in my body improved. I wasn’t quite ready to hold a social nudist event, but I was more comfortable being naked. I still wasn’t ready to tell anyone what I was doing or how I was living my life. I was in a serious relationship at the time with my high school sweetheart, but I still wasn’t ready to tell him. He was brought up in an extremely strict family who took the Bible teachings to the extreme, and, sadly, he still suffers from body image issues. Soon after we were married and I was no longer able to be as free as I wanted, and was told we are expected to wear clothes when just hanging out. I don’t regret the choices I’ve made, but if I had to do it over again, I would probably choose a more open-minded and willing partner.

Time went on and I would only get naked when I had the house to myself or whenever I was alone on business trips. As the internet progressed and we were finally able to afford broadband internet, my interest and involvement in nudism began to grow again. I had discovered a whole internet community of people sharing their naked life online. Not necessarily getting naked on camera, but I managed to find a number of nudist related chat rooms, and community forums. I can’t remember them all because I would bounce from room to room meeting different people. What I did find most discouraging was the limited supply of young nudist, and, in particular, the very rare occurrence of female nudist. Admittedly, it was discouraging with the lack of those two groups of people online. I have no doubt it was rather intimidating with all the older men online, but I never really had a problem with them. I did notice in some rooms on “nudist” websites that a lot of the men were either homosexual, or just wanted to masturbate for anyone to watch…men or women. There was no vetting process and no way of knowing who was an actual nudist or who was just there for a thrill. I drifted through those for a while an then left that scene altogether.

Online Discovery

I don’t remember what year it was but it was a few years later that I discovered ClothesFree International, which is a robust site with a ton of nudist information, videos, and a lot of other great features. I purchased an annual membership shortly after the site went live, and enjoyed it very much, but ended up cancelling after the year. It was expensive for me at the time, but I am thinking about buying the lifetime membership now that I’m able to afford it. They were probably as close as I could come to joining a real nudist club at that time. I really enjoyed the news that Brian and his team presented, and they seem to really have a pulse on the community.

CFI really gave me a sense of what was really out there as far as nudist resources. I was able to watch interviews, events, and regular people interacting like a group of textiles would. The greatest distinction was no one had a status attached to their name. You could have been a super rich millionaire, but no one cares and no one would even know. It was a great sense of equality being displayed for the entire world to see. I could only hope my website would ever be half of what CFI is. Maybe one day I can be linked from CFI.

A Passion Realized

In the summer of 2010 I received a promotion at my previous employer, and I was moved from a night shift hourly technician to a professional salaried scientist. I hadn’t even been on the new job a week when my boss presented me with a list of training opportunities. He said pick one and tell our admin to make it happen. First, I was shocked that I was even given this opportunity, and even more surprised the training courses were from all over the country. I could pick anywhere. While looking over the list, I didn’t really care what the training was, and I was only looking at the where. My first priority was where can I go and get a chance to be nude with others for the first time. After a bit of research, I found out that Florida was the place with the most opportunity for nudist. Surprisingly, there was a training class in Orlando, AND we got Wednesday and Friday afternoons off I said this is it. I scoured the different nudist websites and looked for a place to go, but there were so many to choose from, and they all seemed to have a set of rules…or criteria I should say. I just couldn’t decide which club to visit, so I waited and thought. I had like 3-months to decide, and I already knew Florida was my choice. This was the most excited I’d ever been about a trip.

Arrival in Orlando

Arriving in Orlando on a Sunday evening I still had no idea where I was going. I had looked around on the internet but nothing really stood out. I didn’t want a mainstream resort because I was really shy and a bit anxious. I wanted something low key and a place to relax. I only had a few hours and didn’t want to pay for a whole day or engage with a huge social crowd. I would have been happy just going to a small group party, but I couldn’t find any nearby. While sitting naked in my hotel room on Sunday evening, I went through AANR’s list of landed resorts. I figured if I was going to do it, then I wanted to be safe. No back room hotel “nudist” parties for me. Monday during lunch I went back up to my hotel room and started calling different places. Some answered and some went to voicemail. I never left a message because I didn’t want a callback during my classroom time. I called a few more places that were open after 5:00 PM and some on Tuesday as well. I even called back places that didn’t answer on Monday.

Choice Made

I believe it was after class on Tuesday when I called a small landed club. This wasn’t a resort or a high end place that charged a lot. It was a landed club and only took donations to pay basic utilities and required services, and because it was a cash donation I could remain anonymous in my visit. At the time I didn’t want anyone to know. So excited I had finally found a place I could be comfortable with taking my clothes off socially, I started prepping a bag and planning for my road trip the following afternoon. It was going to be about an hour drive to the club, and I needed to plan for lunch and things to do while there. I had no idea what I was getting into or what I’d be able to do, so I wanted to prepared to occupy myself in the event nothing was going on.

After we were released from training at noon, we had the option to stay and eat a meal catered by the trainer, but I had my eye set on getting naked fast and for as long as I could. I didn’t talk to anyone and I darted up to my room and grabbed my prepared nudist go bag. I had cash and a pre-planned route that included a Five Guys burger stop. About half way there I stopped for my hamburger and just ate it in the car. The weather was in the high 70’s and perfect for a mid October nudist adventure. The closer I got there the more anxious and excited I was. It was a bitter sweet feeling. On one hand I was giddy and about to take my clothes off, but on the other hand I was like “I’m about to take my clothes off in front of people I don’t know”. It was a rush of emotions to say the least. I started making my final approach to the club with a small grass parking lot with a wooden gate and high fences surrounded by tall hedges. I parked my car and took a deep breath as I looked around at 5-6 different cars. I had finally made it to my first nudist club, The Island Group.

Walking In

I gathered my bag and walked over to the gate. Pausing for a brief moment to gather myself and dig out some deep lion courage, I turned the handle and opened the gate. The club is a small but quaint facility with freshly cut green grass with a shaded and welcoming atmosphere. I took a second to familiarize myself with the surroundings, and noticed a pool about 100 yards in front of me, a restroom facility to my left by the gate, a pavilion area just to the right of the pool, and a tall fence surrounding the entire compound. I could see houses all around, but the vegetation was too thick to see through. I noticed about 10 people either sitting by the pool or just lurking around. As I stood there for a brief moment, I saw a small, bronzed tanned older gentleman approach me. He has very thin hair and appeared to be in his 70’s, but still moving around very well. He reminded me of my great grandfather. I began walking toward him and he asked if I was the one he spoke to on the phone. I asked if he was (whatever his name was), and he responded with a smile and said yes. Although he was naked, I felt very at ease and not threatened at all. He welcomed me to the club and talked with me as we walked up to the pavilion where so was required to sign in and pay. After I signed in and paid about $20 for the day, we stood there and he talked to me about the club, being AANR affiliated, and started to sell me on an AANR membership. I think if I had the cash on me at the time I would have joined. He told me to make myself comfortable and at home. He said the club closed at dusk, and I was welcomed to stay as long as I wanted. I thanked him and he hobbled away with his tiny brown butt looking at me. Hey, I’d never seen a naked old man in person, and I didn’t see any harm because he was about to see my shiny white ass.

My Shiny White Ass

Speaking of a shiny white ass. There I was…the only one wearing clothes in the entire place. I felt a bit out of place but no one was paying me any attention. So I found a chair near some shade. I didn’t bring any sunscreen and wanted to be able to slide over out of the sun if needed. I didn’t need burned titties and ass. I set my bag down and pulled out my towel to sit/lay on, and after that I started to feel a rush come up my back and neck, and quickly began to feel flushed and embarrassed. The only thing left to do was take my clothes off. I looked around once more, and no one was even looking my way. As I made my last quick glare, I realized no one was even close to my age. I was 29 at the time and the closest person was at least 20 years my senior, and most more than that. With that in mind I quickly tore off my shirt, then pants, then my undergarments before I quickly sat down. I didn’t even fold my stuff up when taking it off because I didn’t want to waste anytime to be standing there naked. After I sat down and took a couple of breaths, I began to feel a warm breeze come across my back and neck, move over my shoulders and down my nipples. At the same time the breeze hugged me around the waist, and I felt every hair stand on end with excitement and joy. I was feeling the full effect of nature with the warm breeze on my skin followed by the warm sun heating bringing my body back up to temperature. It was the greatest whole body feeling I’d ever experienced.

Sinking In

I lay there and began to lose myself in thought about what I had just accomplished. For over 20 years I had always hidden my ambition about being naked with other people in a non-sexual and meaningful setting. I couldn’t help but smile a bit. I had finally fulfilled a dream of mine, and I wished I had taken a picture of it. Actually, I don’t think cameras were allowed, but I still can’t help but wonder if I had taken one just for my own snapshots. Something to remember it by better, and to show proof I was actually there. Anyway, while laying there I became more observant of my surroundings and those around me. I saw a tall, slender, and bronzed kissed man in his 50’s laying out in the sun beside the pool. He appeared to be alone just enjoying his own company sleeping in the sun. To my left there was a couple about the same age, but they appeared to have been there a while and gathering their things. She began putting her clothes on while he was putting away things in a bag. To my right there was two older women, and I think two men…I know there was at least one man. They were sitting at a round patio table with the umbrella open just socializing. The men appeared to be naked, but the women had on some kind of netted cover up. They were quite cute and elegant, but served no purpose to hide anything. You could still see through them, and their breasts were poking through the netting. I kinda wished I had something like it, but being my first time I had no idea what was available to me.

After about 5 minutes of assessing my situation, I finally started to feel at ease and relaxed a bit. I let my guard down and closed my eyes to just meditate. I listened to the conversations in ear shot, took in the sounds of nature around me, and let myself be at peace with nature. I took a deep breath and finally felt free. I was fully comfortable being naked. I opened my eyes and dug through my bag to find a magazine to read. I pulled my knees up, took a sip of water, and I vanished behind the pages.

Shit, I Need To Pee

Well, ladies, here we go, thanks nature. Now I have to get up and actually move. I fretted over this for like five minutes. I needed to go, but where I was at meant I had to literally walk in front of everyone. All I could think about was how my stuff is going to bounce and jiggle. It was terrifying to say the least. With all my dignity built up and on guard I put my magazine down, sat up, and twisted to put my feet in the ground. As I stood up I felt a sudden surge of excitement, which was quickly followed by a full body dose of womanhood. I briefly thought about grabbing my T-shirt to quickly cover up, but I thought to myself, “why did you come here? Why did you choose this place?” I went there to get naked and experience full social nudism, so I dropped the inhibitions and started walking. I didn’t care what bounced, sagged, jiggled, or shook. For one, I was about to pee myself, which would have been more embarrassing, but two, I knew in my soul that I didn’t look bad naked, and I was tired of my mind controlling my insecurities. I walked passed the pool and the pavilion are and made my way across the grassy area to the restroom. The grass felt great on my naked toes and as I was walking stark naked to the bathroom I could feel myself growing more confident. It was truly amazing.

After leaving the restroom I decided to enjoy myself a bit by being adventurous. I liked the feeling of walking outside in the yard with the sun warming my skin. I walked to the end of the property where I could see Dupree Lake and a few boats surfing on the water. The whole property was fenced off and surrounded by trees, so you couldn’t actually get to the water, but it was a nice backdrop to the atmosphere. Again, I wished I had a camera with me at the time. I walked back over to the pool area as a gentlemen was getting out after a short swim, and I decided I would take a dip and do my first ever skinny dip! I stuck my foot in and my body became covered in chill bumps! The water was no where near as warm as I would have liked, but I let the little kid in me come out and I just walked on in. The water was cold but refreshing, and I loved the feeling of being naked in the pool with nothing between my skin and the water. Quite liberating. Alright, enough of the pool because my teeth were starting to chatter, and I wanted to get back to the warmth of the sun. Plus, I could feel every hair on my leg coming out.

I dried off and decided to lay back down and start on my magazine again. I laid there for a bit just relaxing, lost in thought, and taking in all the sounds of the area. Birds chirping, boats zipping in the water, and the small conversations around me. I kinda wished I had someone there with me to experience this with. I didn’t want to leave…ever. Shortly thereafter one of the women sitting at the patio table brought a tray of sliced cheeses and summer sausages over to me and asked if I would like some. I have always enjoyed these types of trays, so I obliged her generous offer and picked up a few. After touching them and feeling they were at ambient temperature, I was a bit hesitant to eat them, but I didn’t want to be rude and I knew she wouldn’t give me something that could potentially make me sick. Thankfully, there was nothing wrong with them. 🙂

I’m Not Ready to Leave

The time was getting close to 6:00 PM and the older gentleman who either owned or oversaw the club had started to get ready. Most of the others had already left, but I didn’t want to go yet. He walked over to me an said they would be closing soon because there are no lights and the club was only a day club, but he offered me a warm welcome back while I was in town. I understood and told him I may be back Friday afternoon for a few hours when my training was over, and he was very open to letting me return. He said they welcome all nudist, regardless of gender, age, or experience as a nudist. I expressed my eternal gratitude for him letting me get my feet wet with nudism at his club, and I told him I didn’t want to leave because I was enjoying myself so much. He chuckled and said that is what we want, and was thrilled I chose their small club to start my journey. I started gathering my things and getting dressed as he walked away and finished closing up shop. He walked me to the gate and said I was welcomed back anytime I wanted to visit. I thanked him and said my goodbyes.

I started my rental car and let it cool down for a few minutes with the AC, and I sat there with the biggest grin on my face. I was so happy and proud of myself for what I had done. My heart raced with excitement for this new lifestyle that I wanted to begin living as much as I could, learning everything about it, and trying to turn other on to the possibility of the nudist life. Driving back to my hotel I thought about how I could be an advocate for nudism, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Most people I knew wanted nothing to do with being naked in front of others, and some didn’t like being naked in front of their partners. I told a few of my close friends what I had done, and some were like “you’re crazy”, “I can’t believe you did that”, or “I could never be naked in front of others”. So with those responses from those closest to me, I decided I would just do my thing and see who else I can meet that does have similar desires. Unfortunately, most of those are scattered across the vastness of the interwebs.

My Call to Action

I have received so much feedback from followers on my website and Twitter that the nudist community is really lacking in female participants, and this has forced many clubs and resorts to basically discriminate against men. Most won’t even allow men in unless they have a female with them. This bothers me to no end. I want to live the lifestyle 24/7 and could walk into any club, but I am unable to because of the beliefs of those around me. Where on the flip side you have men that want to participate, willing to pay the necessary cost (which is almost always MORE than what a couple or female would pay), but only to be told no because you’re a MAN. This is very unfair to men…plain and simple.

It’s very understandable that most women are a bit apprehensive about trying nudism, and there is an extreme fear of being sexualized as a result, but I want to challenge each woman (or man to share) reading this story to at least give it a try. Do like I did and find a small, quiet, and low populated club or resort to visit. Reach out to friends, both male and female, that you trust and feel would support your new adventure. I promise you it will be worth it, and none of your friends will think any different of you. You won’t be sexualized, perverted, or even hit on, but I guarantee your life will be changed for the better. One request though…when you do make the decision to do it, take pictures for yourself so you have something to look back on and remember how far you’ve come.

Get naked, stay naked,


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  1. Hi Alexis,

    As a single male one of my biggest frustrations is the apparent hypocrisy of many clubs and resorts, while promoting and advocating for the nudist lifestyle, restricting access and perpetuating the myth that single men only engage in nudity for ulterior motives.

    If you’re a married man or woman, or a single woman, then it’s perfectly natural to attend clubs and resorts, to make use of their facilities, partake in activities and socialize with others while nude. Wholesome. Life affirming. Body acceptance. Wonderful. Normal. Natural. If, on the other hand, you’re a single male the only reason you want to go to clubs or resorts is because you’re a pervert, sicko, and depraved.

    I get that clubs and resorts are absolutely entitled to limit or restrict their membership to whomever they like. But I do have difficulty in reconciling their advocacy for nudism while at the same time limiting or restricting access to single males that have actively chosen to adopt a nudist lifestyle.

    Fortunately, there are places – rivers, beaches, forest hikes, clothing-optional camping grounds – that allow me to embrace nudity so I’m not reliant, thankfully, on clubs or resorts to enjoy my lifestyle.

    I do think clubs and resorts need to re-think their policies. Most of the lewd or inappropriate behavior I’ve seen is in fact hetero or same sex couples and very rarely solo males.

    1. Hi Paul,

      You are right that as business owners they are allowed to accept or deny any patron at their resort. This can be a good practice to protect the members of the resort, but I do agree the restrictions put on male individuals can be unfair at times. Many resorts try to maintain an equal balance of male-to-female ratios to ensure it is not one sided, but this often excludes a number of men because men are more comfortable about getting naked than women are, in general. I have read about this on a number of blogs, and even wrote about it on mine with the post Discrimination of Men in Nudism. Like you, I feel there should be another way to bring fairness to the community without excluding any individuals. I mean, what do you do about people who are in the middle of a gender transition? Do you label them as their born sex, or as their identified gender? There are many questions unanswered and the easiest thing to do is just deny unless someone can vouch for you, and even then there is no guarantee you will get in. I neither own a nudist resort nor am I male, so I can’t say I relate to the reasoning or how it feels, but I will say that it can be intimidating for a woman to feel comfortable enough to get naked if there is an abundance of men around. It will take a mindful shift in thinking for men, women, and resort owners before this issue will be overcome. In the interim, I encourage anyone to explore your own nudity anyway you can, because at the end of the day, it’s about what makes you feel good about yourself.

Let me know your thoughts on this!